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Hot House Cafe
Wed, Nov 25, 2022
Hot House Cafe 3 Click on image for Slideshow
A small group of us enjoyed dinner and conversation at this comfortable downtown restaurant. We were placed at a big round table near a window, nabbing "the best seats in the house" so to speak (pun intended!) It's always a relaxed environment at Hot House and the menu selection varied and interesting.

Special thanks to the member who shared an extra dessert!
Elaine P.

Dinner/Mingling Granite Brewery
Sun, Nov 20, 2022
Granite Brewery 5 Click on image for Slideshow
Smokeshow BBQ & Brew
Sun, Nov 20, 2022
Smokeshow 4 Click on image for Slideshow
Dinner/Mingling Bier Markt
Sun, Nov 13, 2022
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Tranzac Club Play "Comic Potential"
Fri, Nov 11, 2022
After two and a half years, the NAGs Players at the Tranzac Club returned to the stage with Alan Ayckbourn's play "COMIC POTENTIAL", a satirical science fiction love story about robots in 2050. It promised to be "A strong dose of comedy" - and it delivered! All the actors were fantastic - able to keep a straight face while being robot actors (called Actoids) acting numerous ridiculous parts: an eager young man falls in love with the pretty robot nurse actoid but when they elope they are tracked down frantically by the highly-strung director and tech team who are supposed to operate the robots but clearly failed to control the nurse as she escaped. Their efforts to evade them are so funny I haven't laughed so much in years.

Six UK Connexion members attended on November 11 after having dinner nearby and one member said "I hadn't realised they are so good - I am going to make sure I see their other productions" with which I totally agree.

Watch out for their next productions: their unique and always-funny pantomime (Cinderella in February 2023) and their next play in May 2023 - Google The NAGS Players.
Ann G.

Regency Restaurant
Tue, Oct 25, 2022
Regency Click on image for Slideshow
Dinner and Scrabble
Sun, Oct 23, 2022
At the “Dinner & Scrabble” event on Sunday October 23, UK Connexion members matched wits during a couple of games where the winners were Rennie and Jean - again!

Great challenges were had before and after our chicken dinner which went down with lots of laughs and great camaraderie!
Jackie B.

Dinner at the Budapest Restaurant
Wed, Oct 19, 2022
Budapest Restaurant 4 Click on image for Slideshow
Smokeshow BBQ & Brew
Sun, Oct 16, 2022
Smokeshow 3 Click on image for Slideshow
Golf Fun Day
Sat, Oct 15, 2022
Golf Fun Day 6 Click on image for Slideshow
UKC golfers final fun golf outing for the season occurred on Saturday October 15th at Scarlett Woods Golf Course. The morning showers quickly turned to sunshine for the afternoon with typical fall temperatures making it an ideal day for golf. Many trees along the fairways were dropping leaves profusely making it more difficult to find golf balls that landed in large swaths of fallen leaves along the fairways. The intermittent winds resulted in leaves scattering across the fairways and greens making it more difficult to maintain intended direction of golf swings. Everyone persevered and completed all 18 holes before enjoying a refreshment by the club house.

Afterwards, the group was joined by other UKC members for dinner at the London Gate Pub. This place provides the perfect ambience for an after golf gathering allowing the golfers to share the highlights of their golf game through great conversation and camaraderie. The hearty food served was appreciated by everyone. The dinner concluded and members parted ways as the final UKC golf event of the season ended.
Jo-ann D.

Leisurely Walk in High Park
Wed, Oct 12, 2022
High Park Walk Click on image for Slideshow
October 12 was a beautiful day for a walk in High Park. The autumn leaves and wildlife didn't disappoint, providing lots of opportunities for photos. Midway, we stopped for a coffee at the Grenadier Restaurant.

By the time we arrived back at the subway almost 2 hours later, we all agreed we'd had a pretty good workout.
Elaine P.

ROM Walk Through the Rosedale Area
Sun, Oct 9, 2022
Walk Rosedale Click on image for Slideshow
Thank you to Filomena for inviting us on an invigorating ROM walk of the prestigious Rosedale neighbourhood. Four of us met on October 9 on the north side of Park Road and Bloor St. E and followed our ROM Volunteer as we explored this tree-lined neighborhood of homes with epic grandeur, mostly built between 1900’s to 1930’s. The focus was on Victorian, Georgian and Arts & Crafts architecture. Linda, Eileen, Filomena and I delighted in the manicured gardens, climbing vines, autumn colors and stunning brick exteriors. Solid Georgian homes, constructed mainly for bankers project a presence.

After, we enjoyed coffee and a lovely meal at Terroni Italian restaurant near the Rosedale subway. What a lovely afternoon!
Gail M.

Hot House Cafe
Fri, Sep 30, 2022
Hot House Cafe 2 Click on image for Slideshow
Six of us gathered on September 30 for a meal, drinks, and lively conversation on the heated patio of the Hot House Cafe. This is a very popular spot for diners who enjoy an evening out downtown. The entree choices were so splendid that only one of us went for the Friday fish 'n chips special!

It was a pleasant way to say goodbye to the month of September.
Elaine P.

Golf Fun Day
Sat, Sep 17, 2022
Golf Fun Day #5 Click on image for Slideshow
UKC golfers played a great game of fun golf on Saturday September 17th at Scarlett Woods Golf Course. It was a beautiful summer day with bright blue skies and the occasional passing cloud. Some trees along the fairways were beginning to show brilliant fall colours; luckily there were not too many leaves on the course that would impede locating lost golf balls. Several flocks of geese were spotted overhead flying in formation readying to make the journey south for winter. Some golfers also spotted a large turtle in the waterway the golf course. It was an enjoyable game of golf with successful completion of 18 holes by all.

Afterwards, the group was joined by several other UKC members for dinner at the London Gate Pub. There was great conversation and laughter as refreshments were served. The hearty food served was appreciated after completing 18 holes of golf.

The dinner concluded and UKC members parted ways as this final weekend of summer ended.
Jo-ann D.

Mussels Monday Patio Lunch, Hot House Cafe
Mon, Aug 29, 2022
Hot House Cafe Click on image for Slideshow
Hot House Cafe was the site of a small but pleasant afternoon get-together on August 29. It was a hot afternoon but a breeze picked up and cooled us off sufficiently that we chose not to move indoors to air-conditioning. We enjoyed a delicious lunch of mussels and other tasty selections. The patio's wall of greenery and flowers made for a nice setting and helped buffer the noise of some nearby street-work.

As always, we were treated to great service by the friendly staff.

Le Papillon Restaurant
Fri, Aug 26, 2022
Le Papillon Click on image for Slideshow
What a Delightful, Fun Evening! Trip the light Fantastic! Four of us sat down to an amazing array of wonderful tastes of exquisite dishes as we sipped on our wine with anticipation of the next dish.

The elegant setting and perfect ambience set us on an evening of sharing stories and connecting. As we sat and chatted and laughed at our life experiences, I felt a glowing warmth of being in good company.

Thank you, Filomena, for arranging such a beautiful evening.
Paulette S.

Golf Fun Day
Thu, Aug 18, 2022
Golf Fun Day 4 Click on image for Slideshow
UKC golfers played their latest game of fun golf on Thursday August 18th at Scarlett Woods Golf Course. It was a beautiful summer day with bright blue skies and the occasional cloud passing through. We were met by gaggles of geese several times grazing on the fairways and flying overhead. In addition, a few eagles were spotted high in the trees along the course.

After successful completion of all18 holes, the group enjoyed well deserved refreshments by the club house to end the day.
Jo-ann D.

Squire & Firkin
Sun, Jul 31, 2022
Squire and Firkin Click on image for Slideshow
The Squire and Firkin is one of the UKC's favourite venues. It is popular because we can mix and mingle before dinner and enjoy complimentary on-the-house appetizers. On Sunday, July 31 there were 15 in attendance (5 men, 13 women).

We all had a nice dinner with a great menu choice. Our waitress Rita took excellent care of us all.
Cheri W.

Dinner at the Pheasant & Firkin
Thu, Jul 28, 2022
Sometimes less is more... although only two members registered for the Pheasant on Thursday, July 28, it turned out to be a lively evening. We sat outside and enjoyed a lovely cooling breeze, the setting sun, and muted conversation from other diners. After ordering our drinks, Vivienne, Chris and I (host) engaged in intelligent and amusing talk, ranging from current travel through the USA, to life in Britain's northern counties in the 50's and 60's, to the current goings-on worldwide. Anyone walking along Upper Avenue looking for a place to eat will find the Pheasant and Firkin a pleasant place to sit and enjoy a reasonably priced "pint" and some pub grub.

Thank-you to Samantha and staff. See you in August!
Christine Q.

A Stroll in Hogs Hollow
Tue, Jul 26, 2022
Hogs Hollow Click on image for Slideshow
Dinner at the Granite Brewery
Sun, Jul 24, 2022
Granite Brewery Click on image for Slideshow
We enjoyed another wonderful evening at the Granite Brewery on July 24 with Maureen as our delightful host. We were on the back terrace which has a very high tented roof with large fans and which overlooks gardens with gigantic white hydrangeas in full view. Perfect late July evening temperature as well.

We enjoyed not only craft beer made by the facility but wines and really great food. A popular choice was crab cakes, dip and salad. Pastas, wraps and salmon were other great entrees. Our lively waitress, Sheena, told us a little of the history of this "tied" family run brew pub started in the same spot at Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant in 1991. Oh, and free parking below in an easily accessible clean and private parking garage – great!

Hope to see you next time!

Golf Fun Day
Thu, July 21, 2022
Golf Fun Day 3 Click on image for Slideshow
UKC golfers played a great game of fun golf on Thursday July 21st at Scarlett Woods Golf Course. It was a very hot day and the group completed the 18 holes successfully prior to the extreme heat and humidity of the day. We were met by gaggles of geese several times grazing on the fairways enjoying their serene surroundings. A number of golf balls made their way into the sand traps and waterways during the game but our persistent golfers successfully retrieved them and continued the game.

After the game, the group enjoyed refreshments by the club house to finish the day.
Jo-ann D.

Dinner at the Budapest Restaurant
Wed, Jul 20, 2022
Budapest Restaurant 3 Click on image for Slideshow
Hike in Palgrave Forest
Sun, Jul 17, 2022
Palgrave Hike Click on image for Slideshow
On Sunday, July 17, Dorothy, John, Keith and Ron joined Mary and Zaki for a hike at the Palgrave Forest and Wildlife Area. While it was a hot afternoon, most of our hike was on shady trails and periodically cool breezes made for a comfortable hike. After the hike, we ventured to the Toby Jug in Bolton for lunch and lots of conversation. A good time was had by all.

Thank you Mary and Zaki for arranging the hike.
Ron K.

Textile Museum and Lunch
Wed, July 13, 2022
Textile Museum Click on image for Slideshow
Four of us were enthralled with the art waiting for us at Ann Garnett's outing to the Textile Museum on July 13. Aida Muluneh's "Water Life" series showing her interpretation of the arid salt flats in Dallol, Afar, in Northern Ethiopia are vibrant and thought-provoking as they address the impact of living without access to clean water on local girls and women. Her work shows images of women wearing magnificent garments of flowing reds, yellows and blues, inspired by traditional regional Ethiopian dress.

The next exhibit which wowed us all was “Double Vision: Jessie Oonark, Janet Kigusiuk and Victoris Mamnguqsualuk”.

Profiling three ground-breaking artists from Nunavut, this exhibit shines a light on a highly distinctive art form called nivinngajuliaat that developed out of government-sponsored craft programs in the arctic in the 1960s. The wall hangings were conceived by the seamstresses of the community and are brightly stitched textiles featuring graphic appliqued images, often enhanced with embroidery, entering on the dynamics and interrelationships between people and animals.

Our delightful adventure was complete with a delicious lunch at a neighbouring Chinese restaurant where the heaping portions of their reasonably-priced lunch specials could provide enough food for the whole day!

Many thanks go to Ann who organized this lovely day, all before taking off for her next adventure the same day in Stratford!
Jackie B.

Mussels Monday, Hot House Cafe
Mon, Jul 11, 2022
Mussels Monday Click on image for Slideshow
Really good to get out and mix with people again after dealing with COVID for so long. Six lovely and interesting people to chat with again. Good food, good company.

Thanks Elaine.
Louise K.

Mingling & Dinner at the Bier Markt
Sat, Jul 10, 2022
Bier Markt 3 Click on image for Slideshow
Queens Jubilee Tea
Fri, Jul 1, 2022
Queens Jubilee Click on image for Slideshow
Eight of us sat down to a scrumptious afternoon tea to celebrate Canada Day and Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee year on the throne. After a warm welcome from our host, Jackie, who worked hard to set a lovely table and serve us warm cheese scones, coronation chicken, smoked salmon spirals, cucumber sandwiches along with piping hot tea. After that she served us fancy cupcakes, Empire biscuits, chocolate biscuit cake (a favourite of Prince William) and strawberry tarts. Then we toasted our beloved Queen Elizabeth with glasses of delicious sparkling wine. During the tea, we watched highlights from the concert held at Buckingham Palace. Afterwards we sat and played a Canadian general knowledge quiz, our host asking the questions in a most professional manner. While there were two distinct winners - Helen and Linda - not all of us would pass the Citizenship test if we were to take it today :) The game caused much hilarity and was good fun. It was a great way to celebrate Canada Day and the Queen's Jubilee.

Thanks, Jackie, for a delightful afternoon.
Christine Q.

Dinner at the Pheasant & Firkin
Thu, Jun 30, 2022
Pheasant Click on image for Slideshow
What a lovely evening was spent with Christine and eight guests at The Pheasant and Firkin on Avenue Road on Thursday, June 30th. The British style pub was pretty crowded but we managed to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the warmth and sunshine of the early evening. The Pheasant has a good variety of food and drinks and everybody was satisfied with their choice of meal. It was nice to meet up with other UK Connexion members who hadn't seen each other in a while and catch up with their news and a lot of good conversation and laughter ensued.

Thanks again, Christine, for hosting such a great evening.
Maureen D.

Budapest Restaurant
Wed, Jun 22, 2022
Budapest Click on image for Slideshow
Smokeshow Jazz
Sun, Jun 19, 2022
Smokeshow Click on image for Slideshow
Golf Fun Day
Sat, Jun 18, 2022
Golf Fun Day #2 Click on image for Slideshow
A group of UKC members enjoyed a fun golf outing on Saturday June 18th at Scarlett Woods Golf Course. It was a very sunny day with some very strong wind gusts that occasionally had an impact on the golf ball's velocity and direction resulting in surprising and unanticipated results. At the 17th hole we were met by a group of Canada geese enjoying the day pecking at the green grass and sauntering into the pond for a relaxing swim while searching for food. Luckily, there were no encounters between the geese and golf balls. Light refreshments were enjoyed at the golf club house to conclude the day.

Afterwards some UKC members in addition to the golfers enjoyed dinner at London Gate Pub This venue is a favourite with UKC golfers for several years. The good food was appreciated after completing 18 holes of golf in addition to good companionship and conversation enjoyed by all.
Jo-ann D.

Dinner at the Squire Pub Restaurant
Sun, Jun 12, 2022
Squire Pub Click on image for Slideshow
Squire: Young nobleman acting as attendant to a knight.
Firkin: Small cask formerly used for liquids, butter, or fish.

The evening was hosted by the very noble lady Ada. Fifteen Lords and Ladies turned up to the event. Members and guests were greeted upon arrival by the host Ada and attendance was taken. New members and guests were introduced to the regular members. Everyone was made to feel welcome and a lot of mingling followed. A platter of Samosas and Fries whetted the appetite for the main dinner. Dinner followed a short time after and more mingling followed. The food was fantastic as was the atmosphere.

Attendees were so happy that life is slowly returning back to normal following the pandemic and this added to the jovial mood of the evening. Everyone had a fantastic evening.
Vijay S.

Supper at St. James Gate
Fri, Jun 10, 2022
St James Gate Click on image for Slideshow
Opera by the Lake
Sat, Jun 4, 2022
Opera by the Lake Click on image for Slideshow
Seven UK Connexion members and 3 guests enjoyed Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana on June 4 at the Fleck Dance Theatre at Toronto’s Harbourfront. Toronto City Opera engaged the audience with an intense and dramatic story while the soloists were truly impressive with their beautiful voices and operatic skills. UKC member, Beverly, who is part of the TCO chorus, organized the event attended by members Marilyn, Joy, Linda, Maigii, Irene and Maureen. It was fun to dissect the characters and plot after the opera at The Goodman Pub and Kitchen over drinks and tasty dishes.

Looking forward to this opera company's next production.
Beverly G.

Dinner/Mingling, Granite Brewery
Sun, May 29, 2022
Granite Brewery Click on image for Slideshow
One of UKC's favourite events of the month is this Sunday night dinner hosted at this brew pub virtually every month by Maureen D. The event on May 29 again attracted 13 members, two of whom were newcomers.

Mingling before dinner has always been a favourite UKC pastime so that everybody can talk to everybody else and, in particular, meet the new members. So once everyone had a drink in their hand it was suggested to mingle and we mingled! Meanwhile our very redheaded waitress had taken our dinner orders from the very diverse menu to the kitchen. We sure mingled for quite a while during which time our dinners were prepared. Once the meals arrived it didn't take long for everybody to sit down and eat their favorite dish, whether it was soup and crab cakes or lamb curry. Empty plates were a sign that everyone was happy with their choice of an excellent meal.

One other feature that members who drive from afar enjoy at the Granite Brewery is the free underground parking, especially on a rainy day.

On behalf of all attendees I would like to thank Maureen D. for hosting this popular event again.
Ed S.

Pheasant and Firkin
Thu, May 26, 2022
Pheasant and Firkin Click on image for Slideshow
A group of six UKC members got together at the Pheasant and Firkin on Thursday May 26. The weather looked a bit "iffy" so after sitting outside for a while, we moved inside to eat. The tasty "pub grub" was welcome and we all enjoyed our choice of drinks, while discussing holiday plans and current affairs. Hopefully our June get together will be outside in the evening sunshine!

Thanks to our wait-staff, Christine and Samantha.
Christine Q.

Golf Fun Day and Dinner
Sat, May 14, 2022
Golf Fun Day #1 Click on image for Slideshow
The UKC golfers had the initial outing for the season on Saturday May 14th at Scarlett Woods Golf Course. It was the first time to play this season for many but it did not take long for the expert golfing skills to comeback after the first few holes. It was a very beautiful and sunny day with many trees fresh with new leaf and the golf course well manicured to begin the season. Everyone played hard and successfully completed 19 holes despite some balls finding their way into sand traps, water holes or thick bushes. Light refreshments were enjoyed at the golf club house to conclude the day.

Afterwards several UKC members enjoyed dinner on the patio at London Gate Pub for the first time in 2 years. The venue has a wide selection of beers available and good food that has kept the group coming back in past years.

Good conversation and camaraderie was had as hearty meals were served and enjoyed by all.
Jo-ann D.

Dinner at the Squire
Sun, May 8, 2022
Dinner Squire Click on image for Slideshow
Dinner at the Bier Markt
Sun, May 1, 2022
The Bier Markt Click on image for Slideshow
Thanks to Edward Stahlberg for organizing another excellent get-together as we continue to meet in person, instead of on Zoom. The venue was one of our favourite haunts; the Bier Markt on The Esplanade, attended by seven members of the UK Connexion.

The evening got off to a bit of a rough start as, even on a Sunday night, the place was absolutely jam packed with a crowd that the staff had clearly not anticipated! I believe that the Toronto Blue Jays game had finished up late in the afternoon, at the Rogers Centre, and crowds had descended on the local restaurants. As a result the restaurant staff were rushed of their feet and wait times were lengthy. Some members resorted to going up to the bar to get a drink - even better was to go to the Goose Island brewery bar, which is co-located in the same building, to pick up a beer brewed on site.

Then, all of a sudden, the big crowds from earlier seemed to disappear and the place settled down while UKC members in attendance enjoyed the generous portions of the excellent food provide by the Bier Markt, while chatting on a variety to topics. An all-around fun evening was had by all.

Well done Edward!
Peter W.

Dinner at the Pheasant & Firkin
Thu, Apr 28, 2022
Pheasant and Firkin Click on image for Slideshow
I'm very happy to have joined Christine and her group for the first time at her great local pub, The Pheasant and the Firkin. It was a Thursday evening and pretty busy around the bar plus a large dining room at the rear of the pub where we were seated. I saw a large patio too which will be just the place on a summer evening. There were seven of us in our group, and four chose the delicious shepherds pie which was truly the best I have eaten. Being a British style pub there was a wide selection of beers on tap and bottled. April 28th was the night of game VI of the basketball playoffs with the Toronto Raptors and it was very lively and loud at times, plus we we were seated in front of a large television. This was a fun evening and we all had a great time.

Thank you to our host Christine, and excellent server Mila.
Marilyn G.

Dinner/Mingling Granite Brewery
Sun, Apr 24, 2022
Granite Brewery Click on image for Slideshow
Thanks to Maureen for organizing another excellent get-together as we continue to meet in person, instead of on Zoom. The venue was the Granite Brewery at Mount Pleasant and Eglinton, which has hosted us many times before. Attendees were surprised to see that there were people who were sitting outside, dining on the back Patio – although the patio there is well covered and has gas heaters. Our UKC group was not quite that brave, but maybe next time! As usual, the food and drink were excellent, especially their own beer that they brew in-house. The UKC group was smaller than usual but those of us who attended enjoyed each other’s company, with discussions on many different topics, and an all-around fun evening was had by all.

Well done Maureen!
Peter W.

Dinner at Regency Restaurant
Thu, April 21, 2022
On Thursday April 21, Tony welcomed seven UKC members to the Regency Restaurant. We enjoyed an array of spicy dishes, including chicken curry (so good!), chicken and shrimp biryani just to name a few, along with vegetables done in spicy sauces, a wide variety of rice, naan bread, yoghurt, and a sweet little dessert to follow. And all at very reasonable prices. There was also beer and wine available. The Regency is located on Gerrard, just east of Greenwood, in the heart of a lively and thriving community – also referred to as Little India – consisting of many ethnic restaurants and stores. Some of the shop windows displayed a variety of bright and beautiful traditional garments and jewellery. Such a treat just to wander around and browse! The service at the Regency was excellent. Thank-you to our server, Komari, who made the evening perfect.

And a big thank-you to Tony for hosting this event. We hope he’ll do it on a regular basis!
Christine Q.

Dinner at the Budapest Restaurant
Wed, Apr 20, 2022
Budapest Restaurant Click on image for Slideshow

Big Band Swing/Jazz, Smokeshow BBQ & Brew
Sun, Apr 17, 2022
Smokeshow Click on image for Slideshow

Dinner at Squire Pub Restaurant
Sun, Apr 10, 2022
Squire Pub Click on image for Slideshow
A number of UKC members gathered on a Sunday evening, April 10, to resurrect a longstanding tradition; dinner at the Squire. Prior to sitting down for the meal, we socialized at the back, where some free eatables were provided. We haven't been together there for over two years. Our "thank you for coming" and "nice to see you" was shared by all as we enjoyed our meal.

A pleasant congenial time.
Gayle T.

Bata Shoe Museum
Thu, Apr 7, 2022
Bata SHoe Museum Click on image for Slideshow
Five members enjoyed a pleasant afternoon at the Bata Shoe Museum on April 7. It was a new experience for most of us to explore this wonderful venue. We were fascinated by the vastly varied displays, from pre-historic to modern times all around the world, including shockingly tiny Chinese women's bound-foot shoes, Sumo wrestlers' footwear, beautifully decorated indigenous moccasins and boots, and shoes used through the ages by rich and poor alike. We were especially amused by a pair of French chestnut-crushing clogs. Afterwards we dashed across the street through a warm spring shower to a pub to enjoy a drink and share a plate of nachos.

Thank you to Ann for her enthusiastic hosting.
Vanessa J.

Dinner at The Pheasant
Thu, Mar 17, 2022
The Pheasant Click on image for Slideshow
Nine members and the host celebrated St. Patrick’s Night at The Pheasant and Firkin on Avenue Road. While the pub was packed and quite hectic, we were able to seat 6 at one table and 4 at another. No one seemed to mind being separated. Most of the crowd in the pub wore some form of green and our group enjoyed conversations about “way back when” and a few laughs along with a pint or two of Guinness. As a rule, the pub is not that packed but everyone wanted to be out to celebrate St. Patrick, the beginning of the end of COVID (we hope), and the beginning of the warmer weather (again, we hope!).

Thanks to Samantha and her bar staff who worked really hard. Slange! See you again in April.
Christine Q.

Bier Markt
Sun, Mar 6, 2022
Bier Markt Click on image for Slideshow
Nine UKC members ventured out to the Bier Markt on a day when things suddenly warmed up. For many it was our first time eating out in a long time. We had drinks at the bar and while several of us selected cod and chips, a spectacular looking pork schnitzel and a hand-made pizza also arrived at the table. It seems almost half of us had trips planned back to the UK or elsewhere in the coming months, with others looking to book to be away too.

Thanks to Susan who did a great job hosting and organizing us.
Edwina M.

Dim Sum Lunch
Thu, Feb 17, 2022
Dim Sum Lunch Click on image for Slideshow
Cold and rainy outside but warm and cozy inside Rol San Restaurant on Spadina Ave where seven UKC members got together for dim sum on Thursday February 17 at 11 am. Our host Lily had the advantage of her Cantonese to get us great service. Each of us selected a dish of special interest.

Delicious flavours of shrimp dumplings, beef rolls, sticky rice, fried shrimp, pork dumplings etc. satisfied our dim sum desire until next time.
Polly C.

Dinner at the Granite Brewery
Sun, Feb 13, 2022
Granite Brewery Click on image for Slideshow
On Sunday evening February 13 nine of us lucky UKC members met our lovely host Maureen for dinner at the Granite Brewery. The restaurant has a great and varied menu with interesting specials, and the food good enough to keep us coming back. Plus for our beer lovers it is a Brewery too with an excellent selection plus of course their own blends.

Now things are opening up we will be able to have more than ten people attend and I highly recommend this for a fun night out.
Marilyn G.

Zoom Happy Hour
Fri, Feb 4, 2022
Zoom Happy Hour Click on image for Slideshow
Once again Susan held her Zoom meeting on February 4th and gathered together 12 people. We all enjoyed seeing each other and listening to everyone's opinions on different subjects. This time - at Ed's suggestion - it was our favourite foods and whether we liked to cook them. It seems that during the pandemic some people had become quite culinary adventurers but most preferred not to cook but to order in (or eat out if possible), it made us feel very hungry.

We all appreciate Susan holding these Zoom get togethers and maybe she will continue in the future – many of us hope so.
Maureen D.

Dinner at The Pheasant
Thu Feb 3, 2022
The Pheasant Click on image for Slideshow
On February 3 six enthusiastic members gathered at The Pheasant on Avenue Road, just south of Wilson, to enjoy each other's company and share dinner selected from this British-style pub's varied menu. Shepherd's pie, fish and chips and mixed fried seafood looked tempting, smelled delicious – and lived up to expectations! Quite a lot of laughs ensued and conversation was flowing and entertaining. Due to the snowy night, the place was quite empty with just the sound of our table and the basketball game on the TVs surrounding us.

Many thanks to Christine for organizing this event: such a treat for us all after a month of "no indoor dining"! We look forward to the next occasion at the pub towards the end of the month.
Jackie B.

Jerk Chicken Cooking Challenge
Sat, Jan 22, 2022
Jerk Chicken Cooking Click on image for Slideshow
In spite of Zoom setup difficulties, which eliminated some of the participants, this event went ahead with a few who were able to reach Polly and Lily and carry on. Some had received the recipe ingredients beforehand and had marinated the chicken in Jerk Paste overnight. Polly and Lily guided us through the details of the recipe and we reached the end of our zoom call just before ringing off and getting to the eating. Photos attached of the cooked chicken and the meal with a salad added. Polly wrote a lovely apology to participants the following day. We still all need lessons in Zooming.

Thanks for your efforts, Polly!
Liz McG.

Zoom Happy Hour
Fri, Jan 14, 2022
Happy Hour 2 Click on image for Slideshow
On January 14, eleven UKC members gathered, virtually, for a Zoom meeting from the comfort of their homes – some members using fake backgrounds featuring exotic locations possibly, like the author, to hide a messy home!. With drinks in hand to toast each other, the topic for the evening was books that members have been reading to help them through the Covid lockdowns. There were many different kinds of books mentioned, but many members had a predilection for murder-mystery books. Among the recommendations for reading were the following:
- “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" by Bill Brewster, tracing the history of the DJ from its origins to the present time and the roles the DJ has played in society.
- “Beyond Belfast", a 500 Mile Walk Across Northern Ireland” by Will Fergusson, and the title pretty much sums up the real-life story of the author’s Journey.
- “The Missing Millionaire” by Katie Daubs, a true-life story set in Toronto about the disappearance, in 1919, of millionaire Ambrose Small.
- “Station Eleven" by Emily St. John Mandel about the struggles of a group of actors following the collapse of civilization after a pandemic!
- “Grand Hotel” (1929) by Vicki Baum about the lives of the characters staying in a Hotel in Berlin in the 1920s, subsequently made into a movie.
- “A Fabulous Kingdom” by Charles Officer and Jake Page about the quests, successful and otherwise, to explore the North, and reach the North pole.
- The eleven book police fiction series, by Val McDermid, featuring Policewoman Carol Jordan and Profiler Tony Hill.
- The murder mystery books of Elizabeth George; many featuring Inspector Linley.
- The murder-mystery books of Scandinavian Jo Nesbo featuring character Harry Hole.
- “The Future of Money: How the Digital Revolution is Transforming Currencies and Finance” by Eswar Presad.
Peter W.
Zoom Happy Hour
Fri, Jan 7, 2022
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It was great to see so many UK Connexion friends (and a few new people too) at Susan's first Zoom meeting of 2022 on Friday January 7th. Altogether there were 16 participants relating all their adventures and pastimes during the period between lockdowns! These Zoom meetups are very enjoyable and always entertaining and enlightening.

Thank you for doing them, Susan, we really appreciate the time you give to this event.
Maureen D.

Pheasant & Firkin Pub Night
Thu, Dec 9, 2021
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It was a cold and slippery night on December 9, when 10 of us got together to try out the Pheasant and Firkin on Avenue Road. There was a "my local" atmosphere about the place when we walked in and got seated. The food was excellent (I can certainly recommend the shepherd's pie) and came to us piping hot. It went well with my pint of Rickard's Red!! The service could not have been better – thank-you to our servers: Kristine and David. All agreed it was a success as a UK Connexion event and the writer will host it again in January, February and March. Thank-you to those who braved the cold and the somewhat slippery conditions to join me and I look forward to seeing you all again come January (COVID/OMNICROM depending)!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
Christine Q.

Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant
Sun, Nov 28, 2021
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We were a rowdy bunch of well-travelled people and we really enjoyed each other's company at Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant on November 28. Photos were snapped and tales were recounted of repasts from many parts of the world, even Toronto! My entire meal was under $20, which included two small cups of strong coffee. The coffee ceremony included watching the beans fry on a wrought iron pan, then drinking the brew to the aroma of a heady incense, which curled beside us to the ceiling. Long afterward, that scent reminded me of our fun time.

The dancing to loud Afghan popular music? No skills required and a whole lotta shakin' going on!
Ritu B.

Katsu Restaurant
Thu, Nov 18, 2021
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Nine of us enjoyed a meal together at this pleasant Japanese restaurant on the Danforth. It's a popular one for our group with good reason: delicious menu options and accommodating staff. It's nice to relax with friends as winter approaches and daylight hours get shorter.

Thanks to Tony for organizing.
Elaine P.

Granite Brewery
Sun, Nov 14, 2021
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Once again, we had an enjoyable evening on Sunday November 14 at The Granite Pub with host Maureen D. They have an excellent menu of comfort foods, and a good selection of wines and in-house-brewed ales and lagers. Our server, Tiffany, was very attentive considering she had the job of looking after twelve talkative, hungry (and thirsty) members. Our lively conversations included future events, climate change and political leaderships!!

Thanks for hosting, Maureen. A fun evening.
Christine Q.

Opera 'Nabucco' and Dinner at Elephant & Castle
Sat, Nov 13, 2021
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What a delight to join Marilyn Gilbert at St. Andrew's Church on Simcoe St. in Toronto to hear a rarely performed opera by Giuseppe Verdi performed by the Toronto City Opera. Nabucco is the story of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II laying siege to Jerusalem intermingled with political and familial intrigue. The wonderful choir included the voice of our own Beverly Gibson.

Most people are familiar with the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves ("Va, Pensiero") an emotional lament – so lovely. The singers were accompanied only by amazing piano work by music director Ivan Jovanovic. The roles of “Abigaille” sung by Christina Pisani and “Zaccaria” sung by Dylan Wright were outstanding. The audience was rapt throughout and thunderous applause concluded the performance.

Afterwards Bonita S, Arnold L and Mary, and Jerry accompanied Marilyn to the Elephant and Castle pub across the street where some of the Company were enjoying a post performance repast. We enjoyed a lovely meal as well (my pot pie was delish) and some lively conversation. I'm looking forward to the next performance from the company!
Brenda W.

Golf Final
Thu, Nov 11, 2021
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The UKC golf group played a fabulous game of fun golf at Scarlett Woods on a wonderful November day. The trees on the golf course were past their full colour resulting in an abundance of leaves falling to the ground. This made it trickier to find golf balls when they landed alongside the fairways in a pile of leaves. At the 17th hole, ducks were observed by the pond enjoying one of the last warmer days of the fall season.

Some refreshments were enjoyed on the Club House patio to complete the final golf outing for the season!
Jo-ann D.

Timothy's on Brown's Line
Wed, Nov 10, 2021
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Wednesday November 10 was Ada's first time hosting a pub night. She could not have picked a better place to host an event – Timothy's on Browns line. A very popular place, friendly staff, live entertainment, dancing, wings on special, very large servings of food and reasonably priced.

Many thanks for Ada hosting this enjoyable event.
Ross A.

Trip to the Middle East Jerusalem Restaurant
Thu, Nov 4, 2021
An unexpectedly large and spacious restaurant with some interesting Middle Eastern artifacts. Our group of five (including two new members) enjoyed the varied 'buffet style' meal served by an attentive staff.

Our Lithuanian server even tried to convince us that he spoke with a Manchester accent!
Jean M.

Palgrave Forest & Wildlife Area
Sun, Oct 24, 2021
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Seven UKC members joined Mary for a hike through the Palgrave Forest and Wildlife area on Sunday, October 24. We could not have asked for a better day for the hike. While the temperature was a bit on the cool side, the sunshine and clear blue skies made for an enjoyable day. Everyone agreed that it was a great day for a hike and there was plenty of stimulating conversation as we made our way through the forest. We ended the day with a late lunch/early supper at our favourite pub in Bolton, The Toby Jug, which made sure we were all double vaccinated.

Thanks Mary and Zacky for a great hike!
Ron K.

Budapest Restaurant
Wed, Oct 20, 2021
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Thirteen is supposed to be an unlucky number, but not for the 13 people who attended the Budapest Restaurant night. A hearty meal, a glass of wine or beer, and going by the chatter level, camaraderie.

It was wonderful to see new and familiar faces after all we have endured over the past months.
Rosemary P.

Autumn Walk Edwards Gardens
Thurs Oct 14, 2021
Edwards Gardens Click on image for Slideshow
On Thursday October 14, six members met on a sunny warm autumn day for a strolling tour of the upper Edwards Gardens. At this time one member left us to enjoy their own pursuits and the rest headed downhill for a hike along the trail in the wooded area to the valley along Wilket Creek’s natural area to Sunnybrook Park. There was lots of chatter while enjoying the fresh air amid the lovely autumn colours as well as other walkers and bikers. After a brief pause we headed back to view the lower gardens, cross the Bride’s Bridge and walk slightly uphill to the courtyard and cafe. After gathering various beverages and snacks the group opted to sit outside to enjoy the refreshments and friendly conversation. We were pleased to discover that 10,000 steps were taken that day, amid nature’s bounty and good company!

We thank our knowledgeable host who has been involved with the garden tours of many years and made learning about the history of the garden most interesting.
Filomena de S.

Dinner/Mingling Granite Brewery
Sun, Oct 10, 2021
Twelve UKC members, two of whom were new, turned out to attend a lovely dinner at the Granite Brewery on October 10th. It was a pleasant evening with mild temperatures, perfect for enjoying the large back patio. We spent some time chatting and catching up, for those of us who had not seen each other at recent UKC events, and also welcoming the new members to the group.
Our server, Trish, was very friendly, providing efficient service – even recalling a favorite drink order from a past visit for one of our group. A tasty menu with scrumptious specials was offered, and everyone enjoyed their meals. This truly was a meal and friends to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend - so very much better than this time last year!

Many thanks to Maureen D. for hosting this successful and enjoyable event.
Helen M.

The Granite Brewery
Sun, Sep 26, 2021
The Granite Brewery Click on image for Slideshow
Not hard to see why the Granite Brewery is a UKC favourite. A large back patio with warm ambiance, lovely flowers, good reasonably-priced dishes and of course, great company in attendance.

Many thanks to Maureen D. for hosting this popular event on September 26.
Donna W.

St. James Gate
Thu, Sep 23, 2021
St. James Gate Click on image for Slideshow
On Thursday September 23, Maria A. hosted a pub night at St James Gate in Etobicoke. As a new UKC member I am happy to report that the evening was thoroughly enjoyable! The conversation at my end of the table of 13 flowed and the fish and chips were good.

I hope to meet up with my new friends and more in the near future.
Christine B.

Golf Fun Day
Sat, Sep 18, 2021
Golf Fun Day Click on image for Slideshow
Several UKC golfers joined together on September 18, a beautiful, sunny late summers day, at Scarlett Woods Golf Club to play a great game of fun golf. Some trees along the fairways were beginning to change colour reminding us that fall is just around the corner. The groups all kept good momentum managing to limit the number of balls lost to rivers, ponds and bushes. One golfer lost her sunglasses around the 14th hole and sent many of her golf buddies looking without success.

Bravo to Scarlett Woods who recovered the sunglasses the following day! After the game well deserved refreshments were enjoyed on the Club House patio prior to concluding the day.
Jo-ann D.

Stroll in Mount Pleasant Cemetery & Patio Supper
Sun, Sep 5, 2021
Christine organized a group of UKC-ers to meet on this lovely bright and sunny Sunday afternoon of September 5 to stroll around the cemetery with its interesting headstones and well-tended gardens. Small groups were well-involved in their own lively conversations and all-too-soon it was time for some of us to assemble at the Indian resto Christine had chosen just north of the cemetery, on Yonge Street.
We were seated on the patio – aka the road by the bike lane – but fortunately for us, on a Sunday evening around Davisville, there's not much traffic to contend with! The long wait for our food was actually worthwhile: the dishes are fragrant, well-presented, reasonably priced and extremely tasty!

Many thanks to Christine for organizing this and making time for us with her busy schedule, much appreciated!
Jackie B.

Philosophers Walk Stroll
Wed, Sep 1, 2021
On September 1 a small group joined host Maureen for a stroll through Philosophers Walk. It was a pleasant way to spend a late summer afternoon.

Sitting in the middle of Queen's Park it didn't feel like we were in the centre of a bustling city.
Linda G.

Hot House Café
Sun, Aug 29, 2021
Hot House Cafe Click on image for Slideshow
On Sunday, August 29, our veteran host Chris hosted a UKC dinner event at the Hot House Café located in the St. Lawrence Market area of Toronto. Fourteen members responded and attended. Aside from a couple of new faces most UKC members were able to physically see and talk to each other again for the first time in over a year. We were seated very privately, all on one long table outside under an awning and were served by a very pleasant and polite waiter. Conversation flowed over a glass of wine or beer as our variety of dinners were being prepared.
Since this was not a pub but a restaurant, the Hot House Café featured an outstanding variety of items on their menu, not just pub food. It included exotic items such as “poke”, spicy marinated raw tuna. Of course, this was not for everyone although one member ordered it and thoroughly enjoyed it. After more conversation we said our farewells.

Hopefully Chris B. can host another event such as this very successful one in the near future.
Ed S.

Smokeshow Jazz
Sun, Aug 22, 2021
Smokeshow Jazz Click on image for Slideshow
On Sunday, August 22 Marilyn G. generously hosted a lovely event at the Smokeshow Bar-B-Q & Brew. Nine of us were in attendance on this steamy summer's afternoon enjoying the cool air inside along with snacks while grooving to the sounds of York Jazz Ensemble, a swinging, nine-piece jazz orchestra. The music was fantastic.

Good times shared by attendees.
Donna W.

Golf Fun Day, Scarlett Woods
Sat, Aug 21, 2021
Golf Fun Day Click on image for Slideshow
Eight golf enthusiasts congregated at Scarlett Woods Golf Course on a very hot August 21st to have some fun and play a great round of golf. The trees along the fairway provided some much needed shade as the golfers played the course avoiding the sand traps and water holes. Fortunately, it did cloud over occasionally and around the 14th hole we experienced some very light showers refreshing us all.

Some well deserved refreshments were enjoyed on the Club House patio before concluding the day.
Jo-ann D.

Toronto Island Hike
Wed, Aug 18, 2021
Toronto Island Hike Click on image for Slideshow
The weather was 'iffy' both proposed dates, so we waited for the second date, and "steeled" ourselves for possible rain. Two individuals joined me on that Wednesday, and it was great to see some changes to the gardens from last month. Beautiful flowers. Took the same route from Centre to Wards, and the weather didn't disappoint, as we sheltered under umbrellas and trees along the boardwalk for a quick downpour in the warm weather. The brew at the Island Cafe was so welcome, along with the reasonable little lunch. Since we missed one ferry, we took the opportunity to go further into the rows of houses on Wards, enjoying both the lovely, the wrecks, and more wonderful plantings.

'Twas' a lovely midday activity.
Liz McG.

Granite Brewery Dinner
Sun, Aug 15, 2021
Granite Brewery Click on image for Slideshow
On Sunday August 15, twelve members sat down to a patio supper at The Granite Brewery on Mount Pleasant. Our charming host, Maureen D., welcomed us as we arrived and after some “sit down” mingling (observing COVID precautions) we ordered our drinks, followed by our food. The Granite has an excellent menu of pub grub with a decent selection of wines and some great tasting beer brewed on the premises. It also boasts free indoor parking which is easy to access. It was great to be with old friends and familiar faces and to be socializing once again. Wow, how we’ve missed it!

Thanks, Maureen, for an enjoyable evening and we hope you will do it again soon.
Christine Q.

Stroll in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery/Patio Supper
Sun, Aug 8, 2021
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Click on image for Slideshow
On Sunday August 8, fourteen members met at the cemetery gates and took a stroll through a section of Mt. Pleasant Cemetery which, at 5 pm, was a peaceful time. Following our stroll, two members left us to enjoy their own pursuits, and the rest headed off to the Bull and Firkin at the corner of Yonge & Merton where the host had made reservations for the eight who elected to dine indoors and the other four who took their chances on finding a table on the patio. It worked out well for all of us and we enjoyed a tasty pub meal and a drink, along with intelligent conversation and a few laughs. We all agreed how great it was to be socializing once more!

Thanks to all who registered for the event. Hope to see you in September.
Christine Q.