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Quarry Restaurant Supper
Fri, Oct 26, 2018
Five people met at the Quarry Restaurant on Friday, October 26. A small group, but we were able to chat with each other, with holiday travels and the stock market (way over my head) topics of interest. The meals must have been tasty, as five empty plates were returned to the kitchen.

I will arrange another visit in the spring.
Rosemary P.

Dinner at the Bier Markt
Sun, Oct 14, 2018
Seventeen members attended the new venue at the Bier Markt on the Esplanade on Sunday, October 14. This is proving to be a very popular event.

The food was excellent, it came quickly and the server was great.
Cheri W.

Port Credit Waterfront Stroll
Mon, Oct 8, 2018
Port Credit Click on image for Slideshow
On Thanksgiving Day seven UKC members enjoyed a morning stroll around Port Credit. Inclement weather kept many people away but not the fearless UKC. Oli led us on a tour of the Credit River Park followed by the lakefront walking paths. We ended our adventure at the cozy Arch Top Vinyl Cafe which served a tasty array of lunch choices. A trip back in time surprised those who went downstairs to see the huge collection of 60's era LP and 45 records.

Thank you Oli for a great outing.
John R.

Elephant & Castle
Sun, Oct 7, 2018
Elephant and Castle Click on image for Slideshow
On Thanksgiving Sunday a small, lively, entertaining group of nine, including our gracious hostess, Christine, met at the Elephant and Castle on King Street for appetizers and dinner. It was a quieter evening than usual in the pub. We enjoyed many stimulating conversations, together with English beer or wine, to accompany the complementary appetizers. Later, we sat down to dinner as a group. We meet at this location at 6:30 pm on the first Sunday of each month.

You are very welcome to join us. Just come to the Elephant and Castle and the staff will be happy to introduce you to our group.
Vivienne W.

Hike In Palgrave Conservation Area
Sun, Sep 30, 2018
Hike Palgrave Click on image for Slideshow
It was an overcast day when seven of us met at the Bolton Tim Hortons mid-morning to tackle a hike through the Palgrave Conservation Area on Sunday, September 30. Mary and Arnold ably led us along the quiet, forested trail for two and a half hours. We took water breaks as needed and had a midday break for snacks along the way. Afterwards we relaxed with good food and drinks at the Toby Jug pub in Bolton and had a lively conversation about the use of the word "Madam" and other preferred terminology for women amongst the group!

This is a favourite hike, I remember doing it in winter the first year I joined the UK Connexion four years ago and hopefully Mary and Arnold will organize another one like it this winter!
Susie M.

Climax Jazz Band Leaside Pub
Sat, Sep 29, 2018
The sun was shining and the weather was seasonably chilly on September 29 but the atmosphere inside the Leaside Pub was very warm. 14 people joined our wonderful host, Marilyn, to enjoy the great music and also to listen to their vocalist, Dorothy Rose, who at 96 wowed us all with her vocal powers. Most of us chose the steak special dinner that the Leaside Pub offers on Saturdays and enjoyed that, washed down with our various choices of drinks.

Altogether, a good time was had by all.
Maureen D.

Golfing Fun Day
Sun, Sep 23, 2018
Golfing Fun 2 Click on image for Slideshow
What a day for champions! On September 23rd, Tiger Woods ended his drought and came up with his 80th win of a major golf championship… we got to see his final strokes at the Wild Goose which followed a great and beautiful day of golfing at Scarlett Woods. There were eight of us, and Liz managed to win some new golf balls by capturing both the closest to the pin on the 5th, and the longest drive on the 14th holes. We were joined by another 4 at the Wild Goose, including two new members, Jan and Chris.

There will be more golfing and dining before the season ends... come and join us!
Liz M.

Play at Village Players Theatre
Sun, Sep 23, 2018
Village Players Click on image for Slideshow
18 UK Connexion members attended the Village Players Theatre on Sunday, September 23 to see a performance of Beth Henley’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama Crimes of the Heart. The cast provided an excellent performance that was appreciated by all who attended. Afterwards, a number of us walked to the Bread and Roses Bakery Café to enjoy a light supper.

Thank you Mary for an enjoyable afternoon and we look forward to attending more of their productions.
Ron K.

Singles Professional Network Dance
Sun, Sep 9, 2018
Click on image for Slideshow
The dance at the Old Mill was enjoyable, at least for me and I think the rest of our little group of seven also enjoyed themselves. The rain that threatened held off, at least long enough for a pleasant stroll to and from The Old Mill. The Old Mill itself was wonderful as always. We were in the Brulé room which neither cramped nor swallowed us. Although not the least expensive I’ve ever had, their drinks were served promptly by professional and courteous staff. The DJ was very good; not too loud or soft and kept the dance floor busy with favourites all night. There were a few excellent dancers but most seemed quite content shuffling along.

I'd be happy to host the club's next event at The Old Mill.
Steve P.

Elephant & Castle
Sun, Sep 2, 2018
E and C Click on image for Slideshow
Thirteen members enjoyed mingling and dinner on Sunday September 2 at the Elephant and Castle. Three of the 13 guests were new members: Jacqueline, Greg and Steve.

All of us engaged in lively conversation on a variety of subjects!
Christine Q.

Music On The Waterfront
Sun, Aug 12, 2018
Music Waterfront Click on image for Slideshow
The splendid weather added to our enjoyment of the Toronto Music Garden event on August 12 featuring a trio of musicians playing Appalachian country music and songs. Our host, Ann, along with Liz, Maigii, Irene, Dawn, Peter and Christine enjoyed sun and shade as we listened to the music. Afterwards we strolled east to Harbourfront and after some decision-making settled on a quiet-ish spot to enjoy a drink and a meal, watching the tour boats boarding passengers for dinner cruises. There was much laughter from our table as we talked about the pros and cons of a cheap trip to China, Globe and Mail obits, the woes of former relationships, and local politics!

Thanks to Ann for arranging this most enjoyable event.
Christine Q.

Pool Party BBQ
Sat, Aug 11, 2018
Pool Party Click on image for Slideshow
On Saturday, August 11, sixteen UKC members enjoyed a gorgeous, sunny day at Gary's house for a BBQ and cooling off in his pool. We covered many topics of conversation including, NASA, exotic vacations, health, politics and future UKC events. Gary also had some nice background music playing and I just want to mention to ladies that enjoy dancing, Gary loves to dance! Near the end of the party, a special announcement was made that Shirin and Rob, two long time UKC members will be getting married next Friday, August 17. Congratulations go out to them for a very happy life together. What a beautiful ending to our day!! After most of the ladies left, most of the guys were still hanging out.

Thank you very much Gary for hosting this outstanding event at your home.
Mary J.

Elephant & Castle
Sun, Aug 5, 2018
Elephant & Castle Click on image for Slideshow
At first, this evening looked like it would an evening of Ron and eleven UKC ladies. Much to Ron’s disappointment, John, Ian & Chris showed up late. There were 14 UK members in total who all enjoyed good conversation, drinks and a good meal.

Kudos to our server, Kate, for a job well done.
Ron K.

New Orleans Jazz Grossman's Tavern
Sat, Aug 4, 2018
Twelve UKC members gathered on August 4 at Grossman's Tavern on Spadina Ave. On the outside the building looks quite ordinary but in fact, the inside is a Second Empire House built in 1884. In 1952 the building was purchased by Louis Grossman and the tavern was born. It is the home of The Happy Pals, a 7-piece jazz band (the liveliest band in town), playing toe-tapping New Orleans party music. They have been performing at Grossmans every Saturday for 40 years. You are encouraged to sing, dance or just sit back and enjoy the music. Beryl and I gave a couple of Fred and Ginger type performances and then Susan and Tom gave a more sedate and traditional dance.

Following the jazz we retired to our regular restaurant on Spadina that offers a wide selection of Canadian and Asian dishes, even an all-day breakfast. Everyone enjoyed the evening, and I hope to see you at a future Grossman's evening.

The Bier Markt
Sun, Jul 29, 2018
Bier Markt Click on image for Slideshow
On July 29th our new venue "The Bier Markt" was given the "thumbs up" by all in attendance. The restaurant is large and nicely decorated and the staff were very friendly and courteous. There were 19 people at this first evening and a good time was had by all. Lots of very animated conversation around the bar before we all sat down to good food and more good drink. This should be a permanent restaurant on our UK Connexion list.

What a great choice, Chris, thank you for hosting.

Garden BBQ Lunch Party
Sat, July 28, 2018
Eighteen UKC members attended Audrone’s BBQ party on Saturday, July 28. Audrone's events are always popular, enjoyable and fun. This was no exception. Our host worked non-stop bringing out so many dishes and the food was excellent (as always). The weather co-operated and her garden was lovely with lots of seating, tables, etc. making it easy to "mix and mingle". Also in attendance - Gaja and GG, her beautiful Black Russian Terriers. There was a movie shoot on her street but luckily parking was available nearby. I enjoyed being escorted to and from her house by interesting movie shoot staff.

Thank you Audrone for all your hard work and generosity.
Terry G.

Scrabble Party with BBQ
Sat, Jul 14, 2018
Scrabble Click on image for Slideshow
On Saturday evening some dozen UKC members met at the condo of our superb host Jackie. The evening began with us barbecuing on the balcony, high above Toronto's bustling midtown. Jackie had prepared a wonderful assortment of salads for us to enjoy, followed by a huge bowl of strawberries, blueberries and custard, plus an assortment of cookies, regular and gluten free, tea and coffee. Then the Scrabble games began – there was a lot of laughter and incredulity at some of the words the Scrabble dictionary claims are English. Altogether a fun time, everybody left with full tummies and brains a little sharper?

Many thanks to our thoughtful host.
Rennie F.

A Trip to the Distillery District
Fri, Jul 13, 2018
Distillery District Click on image for Slideshow
On a comfortable, warm late afternoon/early evening, a good mix of ten new and long term male/female UKC members attended this event hosted by Oli. Our first stop was the stunning heritage room at the Spirit of York for a self-guided tour and optional tasting of Gin, Vodka and other Premium Spirits. Next was a tour of the smaller Sake Brewery where some of us enjoyed sake, sake cocktails or sake ice cream. Our third stop was free beer tastings at the Mill Street Brewery. Our final destination was dinner at the Mill Street Beer Hall with a reasonably priced varied menu with beer pairings. Our waiter, Brandon, was very professional, friendly and ensured all our requests were met. All members really connected and were enjoying our time so much ... don't think we wanted to head home!

Thank you so much Oli for organizing this very unique and successful event.
Mary J.

Dinner/Mingling Elephant & Castle
Sun, Jul 8, 2018
Elephant Castle Click on image for Slideshow
Sixteen members got together on Sunday at the Elephant and Castle.

Always a great atmosphere and lively conversation.
Christine Q.

Hanging Around With Boats
Sat, Jul 7, 2018
Boats Click on image for Slideshow
There are so many wonderful times we enjoy together during the year. One of my favourites Marilyn's event at the Toronto Hydroplane Sailing Club. This is the second year and again, it was outstanding! It was so lovely to be by the water watching the boats and enjoying the view while chatting with friends, enjoying Marilyn's fruit and veggies trays and having a drink or two followed by a tasty dinner and good music. It was a lot of fun.

Thank you Marilyn for your hard work organizing such a great event.
Lesley L.

Dinner, Walk and Fireworks at Woodbine Beach
Sun, Jul 1, 2018
Woodbine Beach Click on image for Slideshow
Ten of us joined host Irene to celebrate Canada Day at the Stone Lion situated on Queen Street East in the Beaches area. There was a good atmosphere about the place, and we enjoyed a variety of delicious food and drink and were well looked after by Casey, our server. After our meal we meandered down a side street lined with old 'cottages' and blossoming trees. From there we walked further east along the boardwalk, mingling with the hundreds of people enjoying the sunny weather, picnicking and waiting for the fireworks display. Irene and a few other members decided to stay until 10 pm when the fireworks were due to start, and the remainder of us took an earlier departure so we could view them from our own balconies at home.

It was Irene's first event as a host and we send a big thank-you for arranging an enjoyable evening. We hope she will host at this location again in the fall.
Christine Q.

Swing Jazz & Dancing, Alleycatz Bar & Restaurant
Sat, Jun 23, 2018
Alleycatz Click on image for Slideshow
Eleven of us gathered at the Alleycatz Bar and Restaurant on Saturday afternoon, including our new host Peter who made everyone feel very welcome. We were there to get together and see the the York Jazz Ensemble, a nine-piece band with a five-piece horn section and a great female singer with a bluesy sultry voice. Most of us were up dancing during the second set and had a great time.

Welcome to our new member and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Marilyn G.

Old Stable Pub
Sat, Jun 16, 2018
Old Stable Pub Click on image for Slideshow
A relaxing and enjoyable evening at The Old Stable Pub in Port Credit was attended by 10 ladies and 3 gentlemen. We had a lovely warm evening which allowed us to mingle and have dinner outside on the patio. The Polish food was delicious... cabbage rolls, goulash and perogies just to name a few. The young lady who was the only waitress working that night kept everything running smoothly.

A big 'Thank You' goes out to Mary for arranging this delightful event.
Jan W.

Penthouse Pot-Luck Patio Party
Sat, Jun 2, 2018
Penthouse Party Click on image for Slideshow
Once again the Penthouse Party hosted by Bruce was a tremendous success and a sell-out. The women all looked gorgeous, as did the men! After the usual drinks, appetizers and mingling, and a toast to Roger and Ed, we were "called to table" at 8 pm. The selection of food was amazing, including many delicious desserts! After eating, some members enjoyed a drink on the patio watching the ribbon of lights along the freeway and the great view of the surrounding condo towers, the harbour, and the CN Tower. Once Ian Hunt, our DJ, began the music everyone was up dancing and thoroughly enjoying themselves - did me good to watch us all moving, twisting and jiving to Sam Cooke, the Beatles, Abba, and all the great 60's and 70's music most of us UKC members enjoy. Thanks, Ian. And the raffle is always a fun part of the evening - hoping your ticket will be pulled out!

In closing, events such as the UKC organizes really do lead to friendships formed and a broader social life. Why not volunteer to host an event?

Thanks goes to all those who volunteered to help at the party and to the members who attended. And a big THANK-YOU TO BRUCE for organizing this very popular event!
Christine Q.

The Old Spaghetti Factory
Sun, May 27, 2018
Spaghettie Factory Click on image for Slideshow
The weather co-operated, and the table reserved for the UK Connexion was filled to capacity. Our cups running over, the Sunday Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory on May 27 was imbued with cheer and friendly conversation.

Thank you Chris for graciously continuing to host.
Rose Marie B.

Movie Night At The Cinema
Fri, May 25, 2018
On Friday, May 25, a group of seven or eight of us enjoyed an evening at the movies, hosted by Jackie who gave us the option to join her for supper at a nearby restaurant prior to going in to watch the film. The Book Club was enjoyed by all. A group of attractive, mature women decide to read "Fifty Shades of Grey" and it really opens their eyes to the opportunities out there! It's a good summer movie and quite funny in parts. (Typical Hollywood style: age-defying women meeting younger men, making on-line dating look simple!!)

Thank-you, Jackie, for hosting this event and thanks to the members who supported it. Events such as the UKC organizes really do lead to friendships formed and a broader social life. Why not volunteer to host an event?
Christine Q.

Popcorn/British Comedy Movie
Sat, May 19, 2018
On a lovely spring evening seven ladies plus our gracious host Christine gathered at her apartment to watch the movie Calendar Girls. Before getting started Christine was ready with a bottle of champagne so we could toast Meghan and Harry who were married earlier in the day. What a fun way to start our evening. Once we were all settled with refreshments and a wide variety of snacks to nibble on Christine started the film. It was about a group of older ladies that did a very tasteful nude calendar to raise money for a very good cause. The movie was hilarious but also had some sad parts and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Before leaving our gracious host provided us with tea and a homemade delicious pie. There was also cheesecake on offer for those with a very sweet tooth.

Thank you very much Christine, and we hope there will be another British Comedy movie night sometime in the future.
Marilyn G.

Golfing Fun Day & Squire Pub Dinner/Mingling
Sun, May 20, 2018
Squire and Firkin Click on image for Slideshow
Thanks again go out to Joan and Dorothy for organizing another golf day. On Sunday May 20, there were seven of us, two men John and Fred. Joan, Dorothy, Liz, Pauline and new member Anna made up the rest of the group. We were blessed with perfect weather for golf. The gentle breeze kept us very comfortable. After hacking away for nearly four hours, we all gathered on the patio for the awarding of the prizes. Liz won the "longest drive" and John won "closest to the hole".

After relaxing for a while we moved on to the Squire Pub Restaurant. Thanks go to Chris for arranging this monthly get together. Twenty-four members attended. After mingling with lively conversation around a covered pool table, 22 stayed for dinner on the upper level which is reserved for us. There were a few new faces. I am sure everyone enjoyed their tasty meals. There is room for more members to join us on these events.

Hope to see more people in the future.
Pauline Amsler

Terra Cotta Hike & Lunch
Sun, May 13, 2018
Terra Cotta Hike Click on image for Slideshow
Five UK members (Joan, Arnold, John, Peter & Ron) met at the Terra Cotta Inn for a day of hiking in the Terra Cotta conservation area. It was a great day for hiking, a very summerlike day with nary a cloud in the sky. The trees were all turning green and we encountered many trilliums in full bloom as well as some daffodils growing in the wild. With the birds singing in the background and the sound of rushing water, it made for a glorious day of hiking. We hiked for 2.5 hours and, with Arnold guiding us, we made it back to the Terra Inn where Nancy and Ian joined us for lunch.

A great day was had by all!
Ron K.

Elephant & Castle
Sun, May 6, 2018
Elephant & Castle Click on image for Slideshow
It seemed everyone really enjoyed the evening with many different conversations and much laughter. We had a large group of 15 including new members Emanuela and Peter. We had an almost equal distribution of men and women.

The food was excellent and the waitress very responsive. There was quite a bit of discussion about the severe winds experienced in Toronto on Friday evening and various other topics.

Many thanks to Christine for hosting the event.
Bruce B.

The Leaside Pub
Sat, Apr 28, 2018
The Leaside Pub is the best kept secret in the area for a great afternoon of community and jazz. There is atmosphere, with traditional jazz music courtesy of the Climax Band, a great selection of beers and wine, and a menu that includes a steak dinner for $10 - yes, $10! And it's a tasty, tender steak, too.

Marilyn, our delightful UKC host, welcomed everyone with her lovely smile. There were new and old members (about 11 in total) – including Bonita who brought two new men with her. Thank-you, Bonita. And a big welcome to Joanne who is a brand new member. A special thank-you should go to Marilyn who drove from her east-end home to Mississauga to pick up Ed T. and bring him back to the pub so he could enjoy the afternoon. (It was good to see Ed who was his usual stoic self, and we look forward to seeing him at future UKC events.)

In light of last Monday's tragedy in our beautiful city, all of us no doubt have received emails, phone calls, texts from family and friends in different parts of the globe to ensure we are safe. On CBC the following morning, the host suggested we all do a kindness for someone: a small task, an email, a card, a phone call – just to show gratitude.
Christine Q.

Elephant & Castle
Sun, Apr 1, 2018
Elephant & Castle Click on image for Slideshow
There was a good turnout of 11 people for the 15/15 Dinner/Mingling at the Elephant & Castle on April 1. There were lots of very interesting conversations. Also two newcomers to the UK Connexion: Louise and Maria. Welcome!

And thanks to Bill and staff at the E & C for the great service we received.
Pat P.

Live Jazz & Blues, Port Credit
Wed, Mar 28, 2018
Shore Grill Click on image for Slideshow
Eleven members met for an enjoyable evening of good music and good food at Shore Grill & Grotto in Port Credit where acclaimed musician Carson Freeman, saxophones, clarinets and flutes, plays every Wednesday evening with talented guest musicians. The music consisted mostly of well-known standards, described by Carson as pop soul.

Thank you, Mary J, for organizing and hosting another great event.
Ed T.

Old Spaghetti Factory
Sun, Mar 25, 2018
Spaghetti Factory Click on image for Slideshow
A dozen members attended the Old Spaghetti Factory event on Sunday March 25. It continues to be a favourite of many because of the hour-long "cocktail hour" where we get to mix and mingle with friends and also because of the affordable menu featuring mostly three-course meals.

That coupled with the ease of getting to and from the venue… it is only steps from Union Station or Green P parking.
Cheri W.

Annual General Meeting
Sun, Mar 18, 2018
A small select group of members attended the Annual General Meeting a day after St Patrick’s Day. The current executive kindly agreed to continue in their current roles for the coming year. Treasurer Philip Brown presented his positive annual report; Events Director Christine Quinn discussed the many events held during the year and whetted our appetites with details of the new ones to come in Spring. Membership Director John Pettitt reported on our advertising sources of new members – the life-blood of any organization. We are dependent on the members of our organization to host events and new ones, along with venues in the GTA, are always encouraged! President Vanessa Jones commended the executive on their roles and involvement during the year.

During the meeting we were treated to the live concert in the next room, which went down well with the pizza that John timed to arrive at the end of the meeting.
Jackie B.

Tartistry Café and Jazz
Sat, March 17, 2018
This was a well-attended event with music provided by a five-person group of very skilled musicians led by Ed Vokurka on the violin. This was a softer jazz than some other places and truly restful to sit and enjoy the music while being served delicious tarts, both savoury and sweet available plus a selection of regular and specialty teas and coffees. There were 12 guests of which 11 were ladies – the one man was a wonderful surprise as Ed T was able to join us. Long-time member and host Ed who is recovering from treatments and missing our members and of course the music, came along thanks to Marie.

This was a great afternoon and our thanks go to Marie for putting it all together and hosting.
Marilyn G.

5-Pin Bowling Mississauga
Tue, Mar 6, 2018
Streetsville Bowling Click on image for Slideshow
On Tuesday March 6 a group of 10 UKC fun-seekers gathered at the Streetsville Bowl. There were 9 ladies and ONE GENTLEMAN! Yes indeed you are right if you recollect that this is one more man than last time, as we were joined by newcomer and soon-to-be member Brian. The Bowl was, as on a previous occasion (last Hallowe'en) a most comfortable venue for us, with helpful and welcoming staff, not noisy...which is a BIG help...drinks and snacks and very good rates, and within easy access from both east and west. Brian got off to a most fortuitous start by picking up the ball and scoring an immediate strike! AND he vowed he had not bowled in many many years. ("Oh, yes, sure, we believe you") was the chorus from the other 9 participants who, vowing not to be outdone, each proceeded to endeavour to come up with a personal best score. However, there were, it has to be admitted, a few gutter balls, but who, other than an obsessive perfectionist would worry about those? Although one of the group had some very innovative ideas about the direction the ball should be going. "Hey, Mary...the ball's supposed to go the OTHER way!" we reminded the lady trying to throw it over her shoulder! To round off a very convivial afternoon most of the group repaired to the upstairs restaurant for drinks, snacks and conversation.

All agreed that Mary must certainly organize another such event in the very near future!
Joan H.

Popcorn/British Comedy Movie
Sat, Feb 17, 2018
A group of seven of us got together on Saturday, February 17 for drinks and nibbles and catching up, then settled to watch "Brassed Off" – a funny but poignant film about the mine closures in Yorkshire in the 1980's. Many recognizable faces including some from Coronation Street! (The host was unable to attain The Lavender Hill Mob.)

We will do it again in the spring; one or two suggestions were made: The Full Monte and Calendar Girls.
Christine Q.

Genuine Puppy Love Lunch
Sat, Feb 3, 2018
Puppy Love Click on image for Slideshow
Many thanks go out to Audrone who opened up her home to nine U.K. members who Just Love Dogs. She provided us with a pizza lunch and various delicious snacks and refreshments which everyone enjoyed. First we met GG, the 135 lb mother of the pups and also Gaja, the pups' 150 lb grandmother. They are beautiful Black Russian Terrier dogs who are very friendly. Then the main attraction...the 4 puppies who were 5 weeks old and so adorable. We all pampered, cuddled and played with the pups until it was time for their sleep time. They were very entertaining and each one had their own distinct personality.

Everyone had a lovely afternoon. Thanks Audrone!
Janet W.

Indian Dinner Feast Harbourfront
Fri, Jan 26, 2018
Indian Dinner Click on image for Slideshow
On a very cold windy day on the Harbourfront, seven UK members braved the weather; two cancellations due to sickness. The scenario was an Indian Buffet with too many choices to choose from. Many still shivering from the cold really welcomed a bowl of soup which was not only hot, but also 'HOT' to warm the soul. Several of the meat dishes were spiced with curry, while others satisfied milder tastes. Strange but true, several of our UK members started with dessert first, before attacking the salads and scrumptious main dishes. Amongst the clatter of the dishes, was the chatter of recent topics.

As this was the beginning of a New Year, many focussed on their goals and aspirations, health and travel plans. Now tummies full, before bidding Adieu and ending an enjoyable evening, out to tackle the bitter cold, -26 with strong winds from Lake Ontario.
Irene P.

Dinner/Mingling Elephant & Castle
Sun, Jan 7, 2018
Elephant and Castle
Despite the bitterly cold weather, we had 11 for dinner and mingling at the Elephant and Castle on Sunday evening. We enjoyed drinks, mingling, and then we sat down to eat our favourite pub grub and converse. A number of guests asked about Ed. He is surely missed and we hope he'll be joining us again soon!

We had two new faces: Pauline and her daughter, Justine. While we think Justine may be a tad too young for the UKConnexion, Pauline is hoping to join us again when she makes the transition to Toronto.

All in all a good evening and a treat to be out in good company, even if it was bitter outside!
Christine Q.

Twelfth Night Fun, Cambridge
Sat, Jan 6, 2018
Twelfth Nigh Click on image for Slideshow
Only 3 UKC members did NOT miss the splendid revelry and pageant played out for the "Twelfth Night", an ancient mid-winter celebration at the British Club in Cambridge. It was presented by the Millrace Folk Society together with a Morris Dance Troupe, Mummers play (Saint George (complete with horse), slaying the Dragon – Donald Trump – and this year also Kim Jong-Un (complete with missiles and "nuke button"). The Grand Parade started the festivities including such characters as The Green Man and Old Father Christmas accompanied by folk musicians, dancers and singers to crown the "Queen of the Night". After a sumptuous finger food spread washed down with hot cider, we danced for an hour or more with enthusiastic participation in the folk dancing set and reels and pub carol singing until the fond Farewell Parade and Father Christmas bidding us:
  Christmas now is past and gone,
  Likewise our revels too.
  Now is come our farewell song;
  I bid you all adieu.
Kim H.
Gala New Year's Eve Pot-Luck Dance Party
Sun, Dec 31, 2017
New Year Click on image for Slideshow
This year’s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza for the UKC was hosted by Jackie in the party room of her downtown condominium on Bloor Street East. It was the perfect setting to ring in 2018 and Jackie went above and beyond in hosting this event.

There were 38 people in attendance and being a Pot Luck affair there was an over-abundance of food, desserts, snacks, libations and door prizes. While a few people played Pool after dinner, I can safely say that everyone danced the night away to DJ Ian Hunt, as we rang in the New Year in style with bubbly and noise makers!

Special thanks to Jackie for hosting and orchestrating this amazing party and to Joan, Christine, Len and many helpers who helped in making New Year's Eve a fabulous event.
Mary B.

Live Band Swing Jazz & Dancing Alleycatz
Sat, Dec 9, 2017
Alleycatz Click on image for Slideshow
UK Connexion group enjoyed a fun evening at Alleycatz on December 9th with great music by the swing/jazz band. We were entertained with nice Christmas songs and golden oldies. Had a few turns around the dance floor too!

A big thank you to Marilyn for organizing.
Jacqueline R.

A Tour (and Taste) of the Solar System
Sat, Nov 11, 2017
Tour Solar System Click on image for Slideshow
On Saturday November 11, Bruce hosted 48 people for a potluck and "Tour of the Solar System" in the penthouse party room of his Esplanade residence. Folks were greeted at the door by Gabriele and Candace, then tucked in to a wonderful spread of savoury foods. Afterwards they were treated to an educational and entertaining talk and film of astronomy from its beginnings to the present day of space travel by our own nuclear physicist Nick, who then gave us a really special treat, a taste of strawberry dessert! as eaten by the Astronauts. Where else could you have an experience like this – other than the UK Connexion? The evening was rounded off by a great choice of fruits, pastries and cakes, tea and coffee.

Thanks to Nick and Bruce for arranging all this and to Gabriele, Bertha, Mary and Candy for helping so efficiently.
Rennie F.

Streetsville 5-Pin Bowling
Tue October 31, 2017
Bowling Click on image for Slideshow
On Tuesday, October 31st at 1 p.m., nine UKC members met at the Streetsville Bowl, Streetsville, (Mississauga) for a light-hearted afternoon of bowling. Three teams of three competed in the friendliest of matches, each one bowling a personal best. For this Hallowe'en occasion there was much hilarity and good-natured ribbing when, for some, the number of gutter balls increased as the afternoon wore on. This was UKC's first foray at this venue; however, we feel certain it will not be our last, as all 9 members were in agreement about its many good points, e.g. the absence of flashing disco-style lights, good, well-modulated music, polite and attentive staff, in addition to snacks, coffee and cold drinks. At the afternoon's end several of the group repaired to a nearby restaurant for further fun and fellowship.

NOTE: all 9 were ladies...where were the men UKC-ers? we wondered (conspicuous by their absence we feared). So, gentlemen, next time NO excuses! come out and display your bowling skills...or not, as the case may one will mind if you're not up to tournament pitch!
Joan H.

Live Band Swing/Jazz & Dancing at AlleyCatz
Sat, Oct 28, 2017
It is always a pleasure to receive a warm welcome and a lovely smile when one arrives at a UK Connexion event and that was the case on Saturday at Alleycatz where Marilyn hosted the event. There were two newcomers (Elizabeth and Jackie) but only two men. But that didn't stop us dancing up a storm as well as having a go as back-up singers to Mustang Sally. The band - North York Jazz Ensemble and a favourite of the UKC - played well, as did the two singers. Alas, none of us UK'ers were dressed in Halloween costumes but we enjoyed watching those who were: "Elvis and Marilyn" won the day! The service was good, as was the food.

The next UKC event at Alleycatz is on Saturday, Dec 9, so hope to see you there.
Christine Q.

Hike in Palgrave Conservation Area
Sun, Oct 22, 2017
Palgrave Hike Click on image for Slideshow
The weather couldn't have been better for the ten UK Connexion members and guests who hiked the Palgrave Wildlife Conservation Area on Sunday, October 22. There was no need for jackets on this gorgeous fall afternoon as we enjoyed the vibrant colours of the forest and the hilly terrain. Our hosts, Mary and Arnold, followed up the hike with a pub lunch and lively conversation at The Toby Jug - Bolton's original British pub.

We're all looking forward to the next hike! Thanks Mary and Arnold.
Beverly G.

Dinner/Mingling Lionheart Pub
Wed, Oct 4, 2017
Lionheart Pub Click on image for Slideshow
At the Lionheart Pub in Mississauga on Wednesday, October 4, we were greeted by very friendly staff and served complimentary, delicious hors d'oeuvres while mingling. The menu is very extensive including many on tap beers. We all enjoyed the good meals and interesting conversations, including our winter vacation plans. They have some weekday events including trivia and magic and live music on the weekend.

Thank you to our wonderful, gracious host, Ed, for hosting yet another successful UKC event! Looking forward to seeing more westenders and other UKC members and friends from GTA to this event in the future!
Mary J.

Chelsea Restaurant Lunch
Sun, Oct 1, 2017
Chelsea Restaurant Click on image for Slideshow
On a sunny Sunday, eight UKC members came out to enjoy lunch at the Chelsea Restaurant in Port Credit. This was the first event for our new member, Geoff. He enjoyed the lively conversation covering many topics with seven ladies and especially sharing Elaine's crème caramel!

Alan, the restaurant owner always entertains us with his dry sense of humour. We always enjoy his wife's (Sunjoo) delicious homemade meals and desserts.
Mary J.

Play, Village Players Theatre
Sun, Sep 24, 2017
Play Click on image for Slideshow
A record number 14 UKC members (including two new members ... welcome ladies!) braved a record-high heatwave on Sunday, Sep 24 to see the hilarious comedy play THEFT. Our UKC group and many other groups in the theatre had many, many laughs. After the play, 10 members went to the lovely Bread & Roses Cafe for pastries, coffee, tea, home-made soup, quiches, pies, salads, etc. at very reasonable prices.

Thanks to all UKC members who attended this event. Hope to see you very soon!
Mary J.

Squire Pub Restaurant
Sun, Sep 17, 2017
Squire Pub Click on image for Slideshow
On September 17 there was a nice turnout of twenty members who enjoyed lively conversation while mingling and having a drink. Complimentary snack platters of meatballs and chips were served by the Squire staff. We then sat down for good pub meals and continued good conversation and lots of laughs.

The Squire Pub is a great place to meet new people so hope to see more members and their friends at this event next time!
Mary J.

Hike and Lunch in High Park
Sun Sep 3, 2017
Zoo Click on image for Slideshow
Five UKC risk-taking members began our hike in High Park under a threatening sky, on September 3, but we were soon rewarded for our optimism with a bright, warm day. Our leaders, Joan and Dorothy, were well informed and shared historical facts about the evolution of High Park. The wildlife in Grenadier Pond was exquisite. The photographers in the group captured the statuesque egrets, so perfectly poised and reflected in the water. At the park zoo we saw the now famous capybaras and indulged them with their favourite veggies on a stick. Reindeer greeted us at the fence, though the bison, yaks, highland cattle, sheep and a shy wallaby, remained safely within their enclosures.

We then strolled beneath the flower laden baskets of the ‘hanging gardens’ and along the hillside to the sunken garden. It was an absolutely delightful walk through this natural, historic, diverse Park. We concluded our tour with a leisurely lunch at Grenadier Restaurant. Another UKC member joined us, and we told stories, laughed at jokes, exchanged opinions and shared experiences. This was my first outing with UKC and it was a happy, memorable one.

A huge thank you to Dorothy and Joan for this lovely day.
Lynne J.

Dinner/Mingling Squire Pub Restaurant
Sun, Aug 20, 2017
Squire Pub 5 Click on image for Slideshow
UKC Golf Tournament
Sun, Aug 27, 2017
UKC Golf Tournament Click on image for Slideshow
Nine golfers, all experienced players – 6 ladies, 3 gentlemen - making up three threesomes, enjoyed eighteen holes of golf on a bright sunny day with a refreshing gentle breeze and an uncrowded well-maintained golf course. Following the match, the members enjoyed companionship, lively conversation, refreshments, and the presentation of prizes in the clubhouse. Joan won the prize for the longest drive on the fourteenth fairway and Gary for driving closest to the pin on the fifth green.

Seven golfers proceeded for dinner on the patio at the Wild Goose Bar & Grill – where they were joined by five other UKC members, including new member Brian. Welcome Brian. Fred entertained, to the delight of all, with three Magic routines.

Thank you Joan and Dorothy for sponsoring the Golf Tournament and Wild Goose Dinner
Fred M.

Walk Along the Humber River
Sun, Aug 6, 2017
Humber Walk Click on image for Slideshow
On Sunday, August 6th, a group of seven of us took a walk along the Humber River starting from lovely James Gardens at Royal York Road. The hike was hosted by Joan and Dorothy and what a beautiful sunny day it was! There was a bridal party at the start of the trail and lots of families out enjoying the rare (for 2017!) summer-like day. It was a nice opportunity to get fresh air and exercise and good conversation!

We walked at a good pace for about 45 minutes to Old Mill Road, then went up to Bloor St. and enjoyed lunch at the Dark Horse Pub, a very nice English-style alehouse serving classic pub fare. We were joined there by five more members, and everyone ate well. Whether it was the home-made burgers or the lunch specials or salads, the food was fresh and tasty and went down well with a beer or two!

Many thanks to Joan and Dorothy who continue to host these walks within Toronto.
Susie M.

Hang Out By The Boats
Sun, Aug 12, 2017
On Saturday afternoon, August 12, a small group of eleven UK Connexion members went to the Toronto Hydroplane Sailing Club to join our host, Marilyn, for a summer blast barbecue party. The weather was great with lots of fresh air and a great table outside overlooking the water. Lots of fun, great conversations and good food. Like John's 30th anniversary party by the lake in June, it was a lovely outside, scenic afternoon/evening, enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks so much Marilyn!
Lesley L.

Elephant and Castle
Sun, Aug 6, 2017
What a fun evening we had at the Elephant and Castle on Sunday, 6th August (courtesy of Christine). The evening weather was lovely so people had no problem getting there. Originally there were only six ladies but then – in a big rush – five more ladies arrived and four men. We had the pleasure of meeting two new lady members and they seemed to enjoy the easy conversations about varied topics. There was a lot of laughter as usual but as we were constantly moving about poor Bill (our harried waiter and Hugh Laurie look-alike) had to rein in our high spirits to take our orders. He managed beautifully.

The Elephant and Castle is nicely situated opposite Roy Thomson Hall and near St. Andrew subway stop so it is very convenient to get to. Why don't you come along on September 3rd - our next gathering?
Maureen D.

Grossman's Tavern
Sat, Aug 5, 2017
Grossman's Tavern Click on image for Slideshow
Seventeen of us turned up for this fun afternoon of music and dancing at Grossman's Tavern. I'm told this is the largest turn out to date for this event.

The Dixieland jazz band "The Happy Pals" played three rousing sets of music and many people danced. We walked to the Red Lounge restaurant afterwards for dinner. The menu is eclectic and the prices very reasonable. I hope to see other members at our next visit to Grossman's Tavern scheduled for August 26th.

Thank you Ed for hosting this event.
Sandra Q.

Golf Tournament and Dinner at the Wild Goose
Sun, July 30, 2017
Golf and Wild Goose Click on image for Slideshow
Twelve golfers, all experienced players – 8 ladies, 4 gentlemen - making up three foursomes, enjoyed eighteen holes of golf on a bright sunny day with the temperature around 30 degrees and a refreshing gentle breeze. Welcome to new member Gary, who is an excellent golfer. Following the match, the members enjoyed lively conversation, cold drinks, and the presentation of prizes in the clubhouse. Liz won for the longest drive on the fourteenth fairway and Gary for driving closest to the pin on the fifth green. Fred presented John with a collage of 20 photos taken at the 30th Anniversary Pot-Luck Luncheon and Garden event.

Ten golfers proceeded for dinner at the Wild Goose – where they were joined by two other UKC members. Fred entertained, to the delight of all, by presenting a Multiplying Wine Bottles magic routine in which 8 wine bottles were produced. This was followed by a Telephone Number Prediction mentalist routine in which Fred successfully predicted a telephone number - out of 529,000 numbers in the Toronto residential directory.

Golfing and then dining on the patio of the Wild Goose were both very enjoyable events.
Joan B.

A Stroll Through The Guild Inn Arts Festival
Sat, July 29, 2017
Guild Inn Click on image for Slideshow
A small group enjoyed a warm, sunny, blue-sky day at the renovated Guild Inn in Scarborough. The grounds were delightful and the Arts Festival outdoor booths were varied and innovative. We explored the old Toronto carved stone building facades, saved from the wrecker’s ball, placed along the paths and flower beds of the 50 acre park. We were entertained by a young lady soprano from Toronto, whose sweet, lush and rounded tones filled the gardens and a folksy rock trio played many favourites, on the outdoor stage. We enjoyed fresh home-made burgers and bratwurst in the Beer Garden surrounded by greenery.

Everyone agreed it was a very different venue and extremely enjoyable.
Judith J

UKC 30th Anniversary
Sat, Jun 24, 2017
30th Anniversary Click on image for Slideshow
Saturday June 24 was a momentous day for the UK Connexion – 56 of us celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the founding of this unique club. It is an amazing accomplishment for any club considering the number of other social options nowadays and it is all due to John Pettitt's inspiration, dedication and generosity. Events in those early days included an overnight house boat cruise (18 members on two boats), car rallies, and a dinner/dance on Captain John’s floating restaurant. For years John coordinated a full programme of events including sharing his lovely house on Lake Ontario for summer parties. There have been many volunteers over the years who have relieved John in coordinating the events, helping with the UK QUARTERLY newsletter and maintaining the website but John still puts in countless hours.

So we were very blessed this year when we arrived to a perfect day. Groups formed all over the garden: sitting in the shade of the various colourful canopies and umbrellas or on the deck beside Lake Ontario. Finger foods were handed round by volunteers; then delicious potluck dishes for the main course and finally desserts catered by Christine’s SWEET LITTLE BUSINESS. There were lots of chuckles as we looked at the pictures of ourselves going back 30 years – how young we looked then! But the collages brought back memories of many wonderful events over the years. Happily the UK Connexion is thriving and there were many newer members present so we can hope that the club will still be as successful 30 years from now.
Ann G

Pot-Luck Scrabble Party
Sat, Jun 17, 2017
Scrabble Party Click on image for Slideshow
While the usual hi-jinx, laughter, and good-hearted teasing went on, we enjoyed the generous hospitality of our host, Jackie. From the group’s delicious fare of roast chicken, potato salad, tender braised pork and mushrooms and other delectable dishes to the apple pie, sponge cake and brownies, and the artistically-designed fruit plate served with a unique vodka-laced crème fraîche, we dined well! Oh yes, and the Scrabble game resulted in Rennie being our winner with Joan a close runner-up; Jackie awarded prizes on the winners. We concluded the evening with photos!

We are hoping Jackie will make this enjoyable Pot-Luck and Scrabble evening a seasonal event!
Christine Q

Luncheon at the Chelsea Restaurant
Sun, Jun 11, 2017
Chelsea Restaurant Click on image for Slideshow
A lively group met for lunch on June 11th at the Chelsea Restaurant. Thanks Mary for organizing this popular event. Everyone thought their meal was "excellent and delicious" and our group was great fun. We appreciated the owner's humour and he told an interesting story about Bert Peer (Hockey Hall of Fame) who previously lived in the house. Even with the extremely high temperatures, some of the group enjoyed a long walk after watching the Dragon Boat races.

Many said they are looking forward to another event at this location.
Terry G

Penthouse Pot-Luck Patio Party
Sat, Jun, 3, 2017
Penthouse Party Click on image for Slideshow
Many thanks to Bruce for hosting his Penthouse Party Saturday June 3rd. The weather was warm and friendly after our "rainy season". Some 40 UK Connexion members were greeted at the door by Gabriele. Starters for people to munch on with their drinks were ready while they chatted with others or took in the city view from the terrace. The Pot Luck buffet filled two long tables, with a great choice of mains including salads plus many scrumptious desserts. Christine had been hard at work arranging everything for us.

Then DJ Ian Hunt got everyone moving on the dance floor. All in all a great evening.
Rennie F

Live Jazz & Blues
Wed, May 31, 2017
Live Jazz Click on image for Slideshow
Six members met up for good camaraderie, good food and exceptionally good music at the Shore Grill & Grotto. Mary shore knows where and when to host a good event. Acclaimed musician Carson Freeman, on tenor and soprano saxophones, plus some flute, plays there every Wednesday evening with guests. On this occasion his guests were Scott and Julian, keyboards and percussion. The percussion instrument was a cajόn which, as well as being the instrument, is also the player's seat. Scott and Julian added great and perfectly harmonized vocals. All three contributed exceptional talent.

I would have described most of their music in the way they played it as smooth jazz. However, Carson told me it was pop soul and I suspect he might know better. Among the many songs were: "Just the Two of Us", "Georgia", "Stand by Me" and "Don’t Go Changing".

Thank you, Mary J, for organizing and hosting yet another great event.
Ed T

UK Connexion Golf Tournament
Sun, May 28, 2017
Golf 3 Click on image for Slideshow
Seven UKC members (4 ladies, 3 gentlemen), all experienced golfers and perennial supporters of the UKC Golf Tournaments, enjoyed 18 holes of Golf under comfortable conditions – temperature in the low 20’s, lightly clouded sky, light breeze, and uncrowded fairways – but somewhat wet underfoot in low areas because of heavy rain in preceding days. Fortunately, rain which had been forecast for mid-day held off until late evening. For the nineteenth hole, the golfers enjoyed refreshments and conversation in the club house. Five golfers then continued on to the Wild Goose, where they were joined by three guests, for dinner on the patio.

Thanks to Joan and Dorothy for organizing the Golf Tournament and the dinner at the Wild Goose.
Fred M

Lionheart Pub/Restaurant
Wed, May 24, 2017
Lionheart pub Click on image for Slideshow
Lionheart Pub/Restaurant was the venue where 11 singles mingled over drinks and hors d'oeuvres and later, chewed the fat over dinner. Hosted and organized by Ed T. to welcome newcomers and existing members to an event in a largely untapped part of the GTA, the evening turned out to be a group of friendly people enjoying each others company chatting about subject matters that covered sports, travel, environment, movies and theatre and other matters of interest.

Ed who pioneered this new event is looking for support from attendees of this event and others to bring in new guests to increase the membership of UKC in general. So to continue Ed's initiative, and extoll the benefits of this club let us invite friends for the next shindig.
Phil M

Dinner/Mingling, Elephant & Castle
Sun, May 7, 2017
Elephant & Castle Click on image for Slideshow
Two lucky men and ten gorgeous women graced the tables of the Elephant and Castle on Sunday evening, May 7, for mingling, great conversation, good food and excellent service (thank-you, Jay). It was good to catch up with friends and we were all happy to see Beryl enjoying an evening out. Our group included three new members - Debbie, Helen and Olga, and one long-time member, Annie.

We do enjoy ourselves, don't you know, and hope if any of the readers of these reviews are at a loose end they'll join us on the first Sunday of the month.
Christine Q

UKC Golf Tournament
Sun, Apr 30, 2017
Golf Tournament Click on image for Slideshow
There was no talk of birdies and eagles at the Wild Goose on this last day of April. Mother Nature scored below par (good in golf, not so much weather-wise). However, a warm and inviting ambiance dispelled grey clouds and shivers as ten members in attendance at the 19th hole enjoyed convivial company, food and drink. Thanks to Dorothy and Joan for making arrangements for the golf tournament and dinner at the Wild Goose.

No doubt the next tournament will be much anticipated and well attended to make up for today's disappointment. Fore!
Dorothea M

UKC Golf Tournament & Lunch
Sun, Apr 23, 2017
Golf Click on image for Slideshow
Six UKC members (3 ladies, 3 gentlemen) enjoyed 9 holes of Golf under perfect conditions – blue cloudless sky, temperature in the low 20’s, low humidity, a gentle breeze. The greens and fairways were in excellent condition. Low areas were somewhat squishy from the heavy rain of the day before.

For the 10th hole, the Golfers enjoyed refreshments at the outdoor patio of the Golf Centre. The balmy weather brought out many people to enjoy their first golf of the season.

Thanks to Ian for sponsoring this event.
Fred M

Dinner/Euchre Monk's Kettle
Wed, Apr 12, 2017
Monk's Kettle Click on image for Slideshow
Twelve UKC members (10 ladies and 2 gentlemen) enjoyed an evening of Euchre, craft beer, and delicious pub fare at the Monk’s Kettle. To aid patrons in ordering, complementary samples of beer are offered. As in the previous two month, the competition was very challenging and exciting as only experienced Euchre players participated.

We extend a warm welcome to two newcomers to the Euchre group – Maureen and Danny.
Fred M

Humber River Walk & Dark Horse Restaurant Lunch
Sun, Apr 9, 2017
Humber River Click on image for Slideshow
On April 9th, six men and women came out for the walk along the Humber River in Etobicoke. Weather-wise it was a great day for hiking. Joan and Dorothy, our hostesses for the day, organized the walk so that people could start out from either James Gardens or the Old Mill. The scenery with the rushing water and the big railway bridge was a nice diversion. We had a scrumptious lunch at the Dark Horse Pub (modest prices) on Bloor Street West, where three additional people joined us for lunch on the outdoor patio, one being new to the UK Connexion. As we ate lunch, we talked about meeting new people and the friendships forged through the UKC, and discussed the various events that appeal to our members. The return walk was a little slower, but the lead group kept us in their sights at all times and waited if need be.

Thanks to Joan and Dorothy for a good event with plenty of exercise, delicious food and drinks and lots of socializing.
Eva C

An Evening With A Blue Whale At The ROM
Fri, Apr 7, 2017
A small group of people met Ann at the ROM on the evening of April 7 to view the Blue Whale exhibit. To be honest it is doubtful I would have visited the exhibit on my own, but it would have been a loss.

On entering the exhibit you are overwhelmed by the size of the whale skeleton. Exhibits told the story of the whales beached in Newfoundland in 2014 and how the ROM, with the help of locals, removed tons of blubber from one of the whales in order to put together the bones for this exhibit. You could sniff a watch housed in a glass box to give you an idea of the stench they had to contend with. One exhibit was a Smart Car painted as a heart to represent the size of the whale heart. Many computerized exhibits showed many facets of the whale life, food, habitat, etc. Apparently no-one has ever witnessed the birth of a blue whale.

I came away with so much knowledge of these majestic whales and how people are endeavouring to keep them from dwindling numbers. A most enjoyable evening.
Rosemary P

Dinner/Mingling Squire Pub Restaurant
Sun, Mar 26, 2017
Squire Pub 4 Click on image for Slideshow
The Squire is one of our most popular events and was attended by an incredible 33 members.  This large turnout was no doubt as an honor to our dear friend and long-term member Bob Clark who passed away peacefully on March 20, 2017.  Bob was a UK Connexion member for many years and most recently he was the host of the equally popular Bedford Academy evening.  Ed Thurygill gave a well-documented talk on the many different planes Bob flew, his love of flying and his days of service during the second world war.

His long time friend Beryl Haines brought her two sons and their wives and a nice photo of Bob for his tribute.
Cheri W

Climax Jazz Band/ Leaside Pub
Sat, Mar 25, 2017
Leaside Pub Click on image for Slideshow
A group of UK Connection jazz enthusiasts, 12 ladies and 3 gentlemen met at the Leaside Pub to hear the Climax Jazz Band who started to play promptly at 4 pm. Our host Ed was there to greet everyone at a large table reserved for us. The Pub is known for its great selection of beers and pub-style food. They even have a Saturday steak special including two sides starting at just under $10 which a number of us ordered and found was delicious.

The Climax Jazz Band have been regulars at Toronto bars and clubs since the seventies playing traditional jazz. Do you remember Acker Bilk? The Band leader and founder Chris Daniels welcomed the UK Connexion from the stage and later at the table. He also lent our host Ed a very tall hat decorated with a Union Jack and took a neat photo of Ed wearing it. The place was packed with a very enthusiastic audience and we sang along to some of the real oldies our parents probably sang to us.

It was a really enjoyable time and a number of our group said they were looking forward to going again.
Marilyn G

Annual General Meeting
Sun, Mar 19, 2017
AGM Click on image for Slideshow
Held as per tradition at the TRANZAC Club, the meeting attended by 20 UKC members, including our five Decision Making Officers, went very smoothly. The club’s officers were all re-acclaimed, with newish member, Monique Veenings, taking on the Steering Committee position of Assistant Membership Director. Planned events for the club’s 30th anniversary year were discussed with much enthusiasm.

The meeting was followed by a pizza party which was enjoyed by all attendees.
Anna M

St. Patrick's Day Celebration
Fri, Mar 17, 2017
St. Patrick's Day Click on image for Slideshow
On a bright and sunny March 17 thirteen UKC members got together for a St. Patrick's Day celebration lunch at The Brogue Inn in Port Credit thanks to our host who was in the line-up bright and early and secured some tables for the group. The pub was brimming with people of all ages from toddlers to seniors, all wearing the green in some interesting and unique ways and enjoying the delicious food and libations (some of us could even be spotted downing a green beer or a Guinness!). While there wasn't much quiet time for "the Crack", there was non-stop hand-clapping, foot-tapping, and singing along to the lively music of the traditional Irish band who entertained us, and their wonderful fiddler.

Sure, it was a grand day altogether!

Dinner/Euchre Monk's Kettle
Wed, Mar 15, 2017
Monk's Kettle Click on image for Slideshow
The bone-chilling temperature didn’t discourage 9 UKC members (8 ladies and 1 gentleman) from showing up to enjoy delicious pub dining and an evening of Euchre at the Monk’s Kettle. All 9 participants were experienced Euchre players. Chris – an excellent Euchre player – was the only newcomer to the group. Welcome – Chris!

Thanks to Dorothy and Joan for their usual excellent job of sponsoring and organizing the UKC Euchre evenings in addition to the UKC Golf Tournaments.
Fred M.

Bowling/Lunch at Astoria
Sun, Feb 26, 2017
Bowling Click on image for Slideshow
What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon: Bowling! Six ladies and one gentleman had lots of laughs. Then off to a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat, getting acquainted and good conversation.

Thanks Mary for such a great idea. Let's do it again.

Dinner/Euchre – Monk’s Kettle
Wed, Feb 8, 2017
Euchre Click on image for Slideshow
Ten UKC members (8 ladies and 2 gentlemen) enjoyed an evening of Euchre, craft beer, and delicious pub fare at the Monk's Kettle - the destination for craft beer & exceptional gastro pub fare in Etobicoke. As last month, the competition was very challenging and exciting as only experienced Euchre players participated.

Thanks to D. from Scarborough and F. from Etobicoke for valiantly keeping up the male presence.
Fred M

"15/15" Dinner/Mingling Elephant & Castle
Sun, Feb 5, 2017
Although it was a cold evening and the Superbowl was on, we had a group of nine at the Elephant & Castle on Sunday. It was good to see Bob C out again after his stay in the hospital in December. The pub was humming and our group cozied up with two tables and enjoyed great conversation, a few drinks and comforting 'pub' food. We had a new server, Michelle, who was very attentive to all our needs.

If you are ever at a loose end on the first Sunday of the month, come along and join us!
Christine Q

Winter Hike At Palgrave
Sun, Feb 5, 2017
Winter Hike Palgrave Click on image for Slideshow
Seven UKC members participated in the hike; 2 ladies and 5 gentlemen. A few more ladies would have been welcome. But, we still had fun.

We joined our sponsors and expert hike leaders - Arnold and Mary - to enjoy the fresh country air and scenic views on a 2-hour hike in the Palgrave Forest & Wildlife Area. The Palgrave Trail is varied with some steep elevations. Overall, the terrain comprises beautiful rolling hills with thick forest – mostly white pine and red pine. Isolated icy patches hidden by 2 inches of freshly fallen snow made for potentially treacherous conditions underfoot. Most members wore ice grippers which greatly reduced the possibility of slipping. The ice grippers are worn over regular hiking boots. They are available at Lee Valley and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

After the hike, we enjoyed lunch at The Toby Jug: Bolton’s Original British Pub in the Bolton Country Plaza. Thank you Arnold and Mary for a job well done! Your efforts were greatly appreciated by everyone.
Fred M

Village Players Theatre
Sun, Jan 29, 2017
Village Players Click on image for Slideshow
On a cold winter Sunday ten of us met in the lobby of The Village Players to see the comedy 'Cakewalk'. Our thoughtful host Mary had arrived early and was able to save seats so we could all sit together as there are no reservations at this small but cozy theater. The play was hilarious and I believe we all had a good laugh.

Afterwards we walked a couple of blocks to The Bread and Roses Bakery Cafe which has a wonderful assortment of freshly baked pastries and decadent desserts, but also a couple of homemade soups and savory offerings.
Marilyn G

Seven44 Live Band Swing/Jazz and Dancing
Sat, Jan 28, 2017
Seven44 2017 Click on image for Slideshow
Nine UKC members really enjoyed this popular event at Seven44. Our lovely host Marilyn always makes everyone feel welcome and we all enjoyed good conversation and lots of laughs. The York Jazz Ensemble, a 9-piece band, have been playing together for 17 years. They play a wide range of music (swing, jazz, blues and rock and roll). We had a great time dancing to their music.

There is a good selection of drinks, pub food, pizza and healthy salads.
Mary J

Pot Luck Supper & Scrabble
Sat, Jan 21, 2017
Scrabble Click on image for Slideshow
We had a wonderful evening on January 21st enjoying each other's company while feasting on the best crudités from Robin, Meg's pad Thai and Marion's salad amongst other great dishes. Jean's trifle and Anice's brownies were delicious, but Christine's Bakewell tart was so beautiful it was a shame to cut in to it – but worth it and all the calories consumed in the evening! The pièce-de-résistance was Ann regaling us with her escapades during her south-west US van trip: what a remarkable & gutsy adventurer she is! Once we got down to playing Scrabble one could hear a pin drop, although the brain-gears were definitely in motion! Jean emerged the winner and in each game we all benefited from expanding our own vocabulary.

This is a delightful way to spend an evening with like-minded friends, both seasoned and new, and sharing a meal together.

Mingling & Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory
Sun Jan 22, 2017
Scrabble Click on image for Slideshow
We had another fun-filled evening at The Old Spaghetti Factory on January 22nd; first event there for 2017. Well attended by thirteen UK Connexion members, almost evened out with seven ladies and six gentlemen. Lots of active conversation, about movies, gliders, holidays – and a little bit about Trump but not too much!! The weather was good, no snow or ice so getting to this colourful and interesting restaurant was no problem.

Great socializing with everybody – make sure you attend Chris's next event there on February 24th! Not to be missed!

Dinner/Mingling Squire Pub Restaurant
Sun, Jan 15, 2017
Squire Pub Click on image for Slideshow
On January 15th, seventeen members and newcomers enjoyed our monthly Dinner/Mingling event at the Squire Pub on Bloor Street West at Islington. This is a popular event where newcomers are always made very welcome. In fact, on Sunday, we welcomed Karen and Elaine, who promised to come again and meet up with all the new friends they made. Ian was our new host this evening, replacing Maz who has been our host for many years. Thank you, Maz, for always being there and doing such an excellent job. We hope we will see you again when the weather gets warmer and you can make the long drive you have always willingly made.

This pub is very accessible by subway or car and it's on street level without steps to get access which suits me as I too don’t like to clamber up and down steps to get into a pub. We are steps away from the Islington subway and there is ample parking either on the street or underground for $5 in the Sunlife building opposite. We arrive at 6pm, mingle and enjoy the free snack platters, and then sit down to very good pub food, lively conversation and cheerful service. Come and enjoy a very pleasant evening. You are guaranteed to meet some very interesting people.
Marjory S.

Dinner/Euchre Monk's Kettle
Tue, Jan 3, 2017
Monk's Kettle Click on image for Slideshow
Eleven hardy and intrepid UKC members (8 ladies and 3 gentlemen) braved the wet blustery weather and rain-soaked streets to enjoy an evening of Euchre at the Monk’s Kettle – the destination for craft beer and exceptional gastro pub fare in Etobicoke.

The competition was very challenging and exciting as only experienced Euchre players participated this time.
Fred M.

New Year's Eve Dinner/Dance
Sat, Dec 31, 2016
New Years Click on image for Slideshow
Twenty-two UKC members (12 ladies and 10 gentlemen) joined a large crowd from the Singles Professional Network to enjoy a delicious dinner and dancing at the beautiful Grand Luxe Ballroom located on Bayview Avenue just south of Finch Avenue. DJ George Andrew’s repertoire of the newest tracks and crowd favourites kept the room rocking non-stop until the wee hours of the New Year. Champagne and dessert were served at midnight.

Many thanks to Lin and Ion for sponsoring this opportunity.
Fred M.

Dinner/Mingling Squire Pub Restaurant
Sun, Dec 18, 2016
Squire Click on image for Slideshow
Mingling/Indian Buffet Adventure
Sun, Dec 11, 2016
Indian Cuisine Click on image for Slideshow
We met at the Pump House Grille for a drink then walked over to the Indian Cuisine on the Lake in Port Credit for a delicious buffet lunch. There we warmly welcomed Lynn attending her first UKC event after hearing about us 16 years ago! Even though it started to snow heavily, several of us decided to go for a short walk beside the Credit River. On our way, we observed a lost dog desperately eating what looked like grass and leaves. Candy and I went to buy him some dog food while John calmed him down enough to determine his identity by reading his tags without being bitten in the process! His name is SHADOW and he is a beautiful Black Lab mix who has quite the personality.

A lady and her daughter also came to his rescue and Animal Services was called. It was very cold and the storm was getting worse so off he trotted to their home awaiting pick-up with the huge rawhide bone they gave him in his mouth like a very proud boy. We followed-up with Animal Services where Shadow was very content snuggled up in his big puffy cushion at the shelter. Thanks to the team effort, Shadow was reunited with his owner three days later. This is the best early Christmas gift for both of them!!
Mary J

Dinner/Euchre at the Monk's Kettle
Wed, Nov 30, 2016
Monk's Kettle Click on image for Slideshow
Sixteen UKC members (12 ladies and 4 gentlemen) enjoyed a great evening of Euchre at the Monk’s Kettle. It was great to see all four of our reserved tables filled to capacity with four players at each table.

This small friendly pub, with a quaint and welcoming atmosphere, is reputed to have the best craft beer selection in Etobicoke. The pub offered a very good selection of delicious food – locally sourced and cooked fresh.

Thanks to our sponsors, Dorothy and Joan, for their usual stellar job in organizing the UKC Euchre Events as well as the UKC Golf Tournaments.
Fred M

Play at Village Players Theatre
Sun, Nov 20, 2016
Feedback from all 8 ladies including myself as the host who attended A Party to Murder play was extremely positive. Who Done It... too many twists and turns to the very end, none of us could figure it out! The actors are all very professional considering the price we paid for the play (Seniors $20/Adults $24). We were happy to have three non-members attend their first event. Two of the ladies have already signed up as members. Welcome ladies!

After the play, we all went to the Bread and Roses Bakery Cafe for tea/coffee, danishes, salads or quiche while discussing the play and getting to know others we had not met before. An excellent time was had by all. Three of us then continued on to another UKC event a short distance away at the Squire Pub Restaurant.
Mary J

Terra Cotta Hike
Sun, Nov 13, 2016
Terra Cotta Hike Click on image for Slideshow
What an absolutely lovely day we had, just perfect for a hike!!  We were a group of eight plus two canine girls. Imagine being accompanied by two Black Russian Terriers!  What a bonus that was, thanks to John. Fred, our entertainer, performed several juggling acts to the delight of everyone at the rest stop. Never a dull moment! We wound up the day for lunch at the Terra Cotta Pub and enjoyed good food and good company.

Thank you to Mary and Arnold for arranging a delightful excursion.
Linda T

"15/15" Dinner/Mingling Elephant & Castle
Sun, Nov 6, 2016
UK Connexion members enjoyed a fun evening at the Elephant and Castle on November 6th. The good weather brought out a nice mixture of ladies and gentlemen "mingling" and talking about various topics from Trump, Shakespeare, a member's new hairstyle (or lack of) and what to eat for dinner. As usual, there were lots of laughs during the dinner, helped along by a glass of wine – or two!

Another good evening for the UK Connexion!
Maureen D

Singles Professional Dance
Sat, Nov 5, 2016
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Eleven UKC members (6 ladies and 5 gentlemen) joined a large crowd from the Singles Professional Network to enjoy dancing to the non-stop music of DJ Davy Jones at the beautiful Italian social club Famee Furlane located at Islington Avenue and Steeles Avenue in Vaughan.

Many thanks to Lin and Ion for sponsoring this opportunity.
Fred M

Seven44 Live Big Band Dancing
Sat, Oct 29, 2016
Seven44 Click on image for Slideshow
Marilyn organized a fantastic late afternoon event that ten of us enjoyed. The York Jazz Ensemble had a good variety of music for their Halloween party to suit everyone's taste (big band, jazz, blues and lots of rocking). Lesley won a prize for her Disco costume. We all had lots of laughs, fun dancing and enjoyed good food.

Looking forward to Marilyn hosting another event soon!
Mary J

Last night of the Proms: A Diamond Jubilee
Tue, Jun. 19, 2012
A Star is Born
A noisy cheerful bunch of UKC members enjoyed dinner at the Elephant and Castle prior to a concert at the Roy Thompson Hall. Armed with flags, we were eager to participate in the "Last night of the Proms." Once the Toronto Mendelssohn choir and members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra were seated, we welcomed the conductor, Bramwell Tovey on stage. He entertained us with his "tongue in cheek" humour throughout the evening.

Later on, we were to laugh out loud when he introduced "her majesty" in honour of the Diamond Jubilee. Her wit and dry humour was well received. Both orchestra and choir were outstanding and our spirits soared when we enjoyed music such as Handel's "Zadok the Priest." Soprano, Laura Whalen and baritone, James Westman sang superbly. James was quite the heartthrob and wooed many a lady in the audience. My personal favourite was Alison Balsom, trumpeter, especially when she played Casta Diva variations from "Norma" by Bellini. The clarity and tone of her music tugged at the heart strings. Acclaimed as the best dressed lady of the evening and invited to stand before the entire audience was our very own Kim. She was attired in a beautifully fitted red suit with matching brimmed hat decorated with union jacks. Well done Kim.

We left the concert hall in high spirits and replete with good music which, as we all know, is both wonderful and nourishing food for the soul.
Sonia K.